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7 Popular, non-surgical cosmetic procedures for men

by bclaser

The world of beauty and cosmetics is not limited to women and femininity. Men these days also care about how they look. Being a well-groomed man can make one look more masculine and attractive. So what are popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments that men seek?

1) Hair regrowth solutions

Men who are susceptible to balding commonly seek solutions for regrowing hair. Solutions can include hair transplants, pills or creams to try to reactivate hair follicles.

However, a newer solution to hair growth is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. This unique treatment uses a person’s own blood platelets, and reinjects them back into the body.

First, the red blood cells and plasma are separated by being spun in a centrifuge. Then, the plasma is extracted.

This plasma is what helps the body regenerate its cells. It is injected back into the scalp at higher concentrations than what it was before being extracted. By doing this, hair follicles are restored and can regrow hair.

PRP therapy is a natural way to solve thinning hair problems.

2) Fat reduction & man boob removal

Men appreciate a slim, fit figure, just as much as women do. These days, body contouring solutions can remove pockets of stubborn fat without surgery. This can help to reduce belly fat, but it can also be used on other areas of the body.

Another example that’s popular with men in this category is man boob removal. Man boobs are scientifically known as “gynecomastia”. This condition is caused by too much estrogen. However, a condition called “pseudogynecomastia” refers to enlarged male breasts that are caused by fat. Non-surgical fat removal can reduce this unwanted fat, often permanently.

3) Double chin removal

A double chin can make a person look overweight, even if they are not. Many times, submental fullness in the chin region is caused by genetics, not weight gain. Chin fat can be very stubborn and thus, difficult to get rid of by exercise and diet alone. That’s where double chin removal comes in handy.

Getting rid of a double chin can be done effectively without surgery. Two main techniques for accomplishing a slimmer chin are:

1) Belkyra™ deoxycholic acid fat dissolver (also known as Kybella)

2) CoolSculpting® fat freezing

The first one, deoxycholic acid is injected into the chin area, and causes fat cells to die permanently. The second one uses a small handpiece that freezes fat cells beneath the skin until they die. It is also permanent.

4) Jawline contouring

Men looking to create more masculine facial features can seek dermal filler injections to enhance the jawline. Dermal fillers can create a ‘chiseled’ appearance at the bottom of the face. This can make the face appear more squared. It can also enlarge the gonial angle (near the earlobe) and cast a shadow so that the jawline appears more separated from the neck.

When men have a sagging skin issue, skin tightening with Ultherapy or radio frequency energy can help tighten the skin along the neck and jawline. This can also help to contour the jawline.

5) Laser hair removal

While body hair can be a signature of masculinity, it can also be undesirable when there is too much of it. For men who prefer not to have as much body or face hair, they can opt for laser hair removal. This is an effective way to remove up to 90% of hair in a given treatment area.

These days, laser hair removal doesn’t hurt as much as it used to. And, it can be performed faster, in as little as 4 to 6 treatments.

The main catch is that laser hair removal only works on dark hairs. So if the hair is orange or blonde, this method of hair removal won’t work. Electrolysis may be a better option.

6) Sweating treatments

Excessive sweating can be a real nuisance to some people’s lives. Some men sweat through their shirts while at rest. They may attempt to wear jackets to hide their sweat stains. But this can exacerbate the issue, especially on a hot day. Odour is another issue that comes with excessive sweating, and it is hard to hide.

Sweaty palms and feet are another common place where people with hyperhidrosis sweat profusely.

Cosmetic solutions to reduce sweat can be effective in the long term. Some can even be permanent. The main one is miraDry®, which is a microwave technology that kills sweat and odour glands in the armpit region. It can reduce up to 82% of sweat in one or two treatments (sometimes three).

The more traditional method is by using Botox® for sweating. Botox® can be injected into the armpits or palms and hands of feet. This, in turn, relaxes the nerve impulses that causes the body to sweat in those spots. Results last 3 to 4 months at a time.

7) Wrinkle reduction

Finally, let’s not think that men aren’t bothered by wrinkles. Looking young and fresh is appealing to men, just as it is to women. Solutions like Botox® can colloquially be called “brotox” when they are referred to among men.

Botox® is an excellent solution to treating and preventing wrinkles. Though, the doses and techniques can be slightly different on men than on women. So, if you get this, make sure you seek an injector who is aware of how to administer so-called, “brotox.”

Men can also be eligible for skin rejuvenation treatments with lasers, microneedling or radio frequency energy.

Side note: for men who suffer from migraines, Botox® can also be used to reduce pain for three to four months at a time.

Men love looking good too!

As we’ve seen above, cosmetic procedures for men are very popular for a variety of reasons. Many men want to look and feel their best. It’s normal to have masculine grooming desires. Some male cosmetic procedures are just practical, like sweat reduction or migraine headache reduction. But others are purely cosmetic, such as hair loss treatments, hair removal or achieving a contoured face and body. Either way, the sky’s the limit for men seeking cosmetic procedures. They are eligible for most of what women seek in the cosmetic world.


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