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9 Nutrition rules for building muscle

by anil
Nutrition rules for building muscle

Nutrition is an important aspect of health and development. When it comes to fitness, bodybuilding, muscle building, and weight-loss food plays a very important role. It provides you with the energy and nutrients to be healthy and to achieve your goals.

Here are the 9 Nutrition rules for building muscle

Nutrition Rule 1 – Eat plenty of protein

Protein builds muscle and strength, We all know that protein is a building block of muscle. It is very important to repair muscle tissues and therefore having protein is very beneficial.

However, it is important to take care of the quantity a lot of people have a misconception that they only need to have protein when they want to build muscles. This is not true and there needs to be a right mix of all the macros. Approx 30% of the daily calorie intake should come from protein.

Apart from this, the timing of the protein intake should also be kept in mind. The intake should be fairly spread throughout the day so that it gives you the best results

Aiming of 1.5 grams per kg of body weight is good for maximizing gains and strength muscle mass

Nutrition Rule 2 – Eat frequently 

Many research suggests that around 3-4 hours you need to consume high protein meal to maximize your gains, strength, and muscle mass

Rule 3 – Eat ample amount fats 

Fat plays a major role in muscle growth, health, and performance This is the nutrient that is often ignored by many people. Agreed that fat should be less in the case of fitness goals, however, there are certain good fats that are in fact important for overall health and muscle strength.

There are a few fatty acids that are required but our body cannot produce them. Also, our body relies on fat to supply energy to muscles during physical activity. Approx 15-20% of calorie intake should be from fat.

Rule 4 – manipulate carbs

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy. They are partially converted to glycogen,

which is stored in muscle to power your workouts. Approx. 50-55% of your daily calories should come from carbs but it does not mean that you can rely on junk food such as pizza, burgers, etc. You should include healthy options.

It is also important to note what kind of carb you are having at what time of the day. Complex carbs are good to have in breakfast or pre-workout whereas simple carbs serve as a good option post-workout. However, as complex carbs take time to digest, it is always suggested to have them at least 2 hours prior to a workout so that they can digest properly and provide energy during workouts.

Rule 5 – Macronutrients over calories

I’m not a huge stickler on calorie amounts. Yes, calorie intake is important, but rather than focusing on a calories-first approach, I suggest building your diet from the macros up to ensure you’re providing your body with the necessary fuel to support strength gains. If you follow the above rules, your caloric intake will come out to be 15-19 calories per pound of body weight.

Rule 6 – Use a protein powder blend

For me, the only thing better than whey or casein is whey and casein. When you blend these two protein sources, the fast-digesting whey will ensure you rapidly promote an anabolic (muscle-building) environment, while the casein will help you sustain it for a long time—may be as long as 6-8 hours. This will reduce the time you spend in a state of muscle breakdown and maximize the time spent in a state of growth. To fully round out your protein shake, I suggest the inclusion of medium-speed digesting protein, too.

Rule 7 – Use Fast digesting carbs after workouts

Carbohydrates are the primary fuel source during exercise. After finishing your workouts consuming fast-digesting carbohydrates like white rice, banana, and boiled potato helps to replenish the muscle glycogen that is burned during your workouts.

Rule 8 – Take pre and post-workout food or supplements essentials

Taking pre and post-workout foods like black coffee, eggs, banana, beetroot juice, and supplements like pre-workout, caffeine, and creatine help to increase muscle growth

Rule 9 – Find what works for you

Nutrition plays a very important role when it comes to achieving your fitness to the next level. keep in mind nutrition = 70% workout = 30%

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