A Cell+PRP Injections: Does the Treatment Work?


Doctors incorporated PRP into medicine when they discovered the growth factor in the SAw, 5ttt blood. Initially, a blood transfusion would involve transferring whole blood from one patient to another. However, they found out that some red blood cells were not necessary for a patient’s recovery with intense research. 

Now, you can use PRP and Acell in various therapies. All are derived from stem cells. Also, you can get synthetic Acell that has the same chemical composition as stem cells found in the human body. 

PRP and Acell use the same principle of healing. However, the main difference is where and how to get the treatment serum. We will look at each of them in the sections below. 

PRP Injection

A PRP injection helps in the body’s natural healing process. It is a serum that the doctors prepare from a patient’s blood. The blood protein and platelets help in rebuilding the worn-out cells. Thus, it accelerates the body’s natural healing process.

You can get several treatments before you realize significant improvement. Patients have a minimum of two PRP sessions. Sometimes, people use PRP as a body management system. You can have the treatment twice a year to maintain consistent hair growth. Others use it as an annual skincare strategy. 

What is Cell Therapy?

Access is the use of stem cells that have not defined their purpose in the body. The body produces stem cells in the bone marrow. The cells develop and fill the place of the dying and worn-out cells. There’s a way to harvest the cells before they define their purpose. When the cells are introduced to the treatment area, they help recreate the worn-out cell around the area. 

Collecting blood for PRP

Collecting blood for PRPm is like collecting blood for other blood tests. The doctor is likely to draw the blood from veins in your hand. They target the veins carrying oxygenated blood.

The requirement for collecting blood for PRP is to be a healthy patient. You might need to go through some tests to determine your fitness for PRP therapy. 

There are a few conditions that may bar you from having PRP therapy. For instance, a doctor can’t draw blood from a patient if they are anemic. Also, it would help if you were free from autoimmune conditions. Especially those that attack your blood cells. 

Change your eating habits to healthy eating. You can concentrate o foods that boost blood production at last one month to your treatment. Also, you can cut off alcohol intake and smoking. 

After drawing the blood, the doctor spins in a centrifuge. The blood separates into four parts. The doctor then draws the platelet-rich plasma and buffer zone. Then spin it a second time to get a higher concentration of PRP in a smaller volume of plasma. 

Where to get Acell 

All are derived from fat tissues found on your hip area or the back. The tissues are known as adipose. The doctor can also collect the same from bone marrow. However, the process is complex and risky. The Acell is prepared just like PRP. It is spun in a centrifuge to get high concentrated adult cells. 

There are instances where fat tissues are drawn alongside platelets. The cells are used for a wide range of treatments.

If the doctor collects the cells from the bone marrow, then it creates healthy cells named cartilage. They breathe a layer that prevents bone friction. Thus, they make an excellent treatment for arthritis. 

Why use PRP and Acell

PRP and Acell work to regenerate worn-out cells. When you use them together, you accelerate the rate of growth. PRP heals and activates the existing cells while Acell helps in creating new cells. You will realize faster healing when you use both serums together. 

It’s wise to numb a patient before administering the treatment. It involves several injections that may create discomfort. A topical numbing is the best for PRP and Acell treatment. 

PRP and Acell Results

PRP and Acell results take time to manifest. You may not see a difference until your second appointment. The results are gradual as PRP and Acell need to regenerate the cells first. 

After the second injection, the cells regenerate faster. Thus, you will see the changes faster than after the first injection. 

PRP and Acell results are long-lasing. If you use the treatment as a hair loss remedy, you can live with the results for years. All you need is to maintain a healthy hair care routine. 

Good candidates report positive results from the treatment. There are high chances that you will benefit from PRP and Acell therapy. 

Risks and Side Effects

There are minimal side effects associated with PRP and Acell. First, you may witness some redness, numbness, and pain around the treatment area. 

PRP patients are at risk of tissue damage; You can reduce the risk by selecting a qualified doctor. Other risks include blood vessel damage, nerve damage, and infections.


PRP and Acell are revolutionary and work towards the same goal. They help heal and regenerate cells at a faster rate. Also, PRP Acell results are seen in a shorter time than taking each treatment separately. 


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