A Dependable Joint Restoration

A Dependable Joint Restoration
A Dependable Joint Restoration


To comprehend this, we need to briefly discuss the anatomy of joints. They have the status of being “ideal natural hinges”, exceeding all other mechanical inventions of the human hand in their strength and endurance. They have 187 joints within the human body, which carry out a variety of tasks however their primary functions include providing motion and to create the central point. They are the “heart” of the joint is cartilage, its primary component which provides the elasticity, elasticity and strength and stability, particularly when subjected to mechanical forces and overloads.


The cartilage structure resembles an emulsion. Cartilage tissue contains 70 to 80 percent water, 10 to 15 organic matter, and 4-7mineral salts and is in fact the form of a gel.

It is worth noting that three components form components of cartilage tissue:

collagen , chondroitin , and glucosamine .

There are many more obviously however, those three represent the most important ones. In the course of movement (flexion as well as extension) the cartilage absorbs fluid that surrounds it. Chondroitin containing the glucosamine component helps in “saturation” of the cartilage with fluid, thus ensuring the necessary moisture and elasticity to cartilage tissues – which reduces the friction between the cartilage surfaces.



It is safe to claim that collagen fibers within cartilage tissue perform the function in the role of “steel springs” or the base of strength and elasticity (for instance, in an orthopedic mattress that is of good quality). It is then clear that the toughness of cartilage tissue as well as its strength and structural integrity in any situation is supplied by collagen. In the absence of “good springs” or enough collagen, cartilage tissue rapidly breaks down.




The choice of treatment options and new possibilities for treatment in our medical system is at present huge. But it is important to keep in mind that any treatment must be holistic. In the beginning, you have to lessen the stress on joints, select footwear with proper soles, and then go swimming. It’s not necessary to store anti-inflammatory creams gels and ointments in your medicine cabinet. Recently doctors have concluded that chondroprotective is a must in the complicated treatment of joints. This word is literally translated as “protectors of cartilage.” If the joints get suffer from the continual “erasing” and “rubbing” of the surfaces of the joint, these substances can encourage the healing of cartilage tissues and remove not only the repercussions of pain, but the root source of the pain.


Together, glucosamineand chondroitin and collagen work together to strengthen each other, which results in that “repair” of the joint being faster and more effective.


In this respect I’d be interested to point out Czech products that are high in chondroprotective ingredients: Geladrink and Calcidrink. Geladrink Forte is the only medicine that is available on the Russian market that does not contain just collagen hydrolyzate, but also an extract from Boswellia Serrata. Boswellia Serrata plant, which has been renowned since the earliest times for its capacity to provide relief to spinal joints and spine, even during an acute phase. Chondroprotective ingredients substances in the Geladrink formulations is further enhanced by macro- and microelements, vitamins and microelements and the whole healing system contributes to complete nutrition of the cartilage. Due to their composition these supplements improve cartilage’s structure, both “poor” and diseased cartilage which makes it stronger and resilient under the stress of the joint.


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