A Study Finds a Link Between Dry Eye Disease and Depression and Anxiety

Dry Eye Disease

Researchers are trying to discover a link between dry eye diseases and depression and anxiety. The following study also aimed to investigate the relationship between these problems and whether a relationship between DED (dry eye diseases) and anxiety and depression exists or not. Additionally, the researchers also explored the mediating effect of sleep quality between these problems.

In addition, dry eye disease is a common problem and this symptom occurs when there is not enough lubrication. According to the ophthalmologist from Evercare Hospital in Lahore, it is not difficult to control the severity of dry eye disease if it is not linked with anxiety and depression.

However, when there are several symptoms of depression and anxiety associated with DED it becomes difficult to control it because doctors try to control these three symptoms at the same time.

Study Introduction

A group of five researchers conducted the following study to explain the relationship between dry eye disease, anxiety, and depression. This study was conducted in 20222. In addition, this study didn’t only found a link between the above-mentioned problems but also explored the role of sleep quality in these problems and how sleep quality affects the state of these problems.

Data Collection Method

The researchers selected three hundred and twenty-one patients who were experiencing dry eye disease. These participants were recruited from Tianjin Medical University, and the data was collected from them through a demographic questionnaire.

This demographic questionnaire involved the scales for eye disease, anxiety, and depression scale, as well as Pittsburgh, sleep quality index. The researchers applied regression analysis to check how sleep quality is affecting the relationship between dry eye disease, anxiety, and depression.

Dry Eye Disease

When there is not enough lubrication or your eyes become incapable to produce enough tears dry eye disease or DED occurs significantly. Your eyes become unable to produce tears due to many reasons and poor quality of tears is among the biggest reasons. However, if your eyes don’t start making tears then it may lead to damage to the eye surface or inflammation.

You feel stinging or burning in the eyes because dry eyes are really uncomfortable and you can experience them after spending too much time on the screen. Eye redness, watery eyes, and blurry vision are some symptoms associate with dry eyes.

It becomes essential to prevent and control dry eyes because people with dry eyes can experience eye infections often, and eye infections can lead to further mild to moderate eye complications. Additionally, dry eye disease, when left untreated, also can cause damage to the eye surface and may also decrease the quality of life.


If not severe, is a common problem these days, and many of us experience it every day. Depression in little amounts is essential for survival because it urges us to compete with others. However, if depression becomes severe or you are unable to think clearly or react clearly then there will be bad news for you.

This mental health condition is more common in females than males and older people are more prone to it than younger. It can turn into a silent killer if you don’t get proper treatment for it or don’t try effective home remedies for depression.

When you experience depression it does not only affect your ability to think but also affects your overall health as depression can cause body aches, altered sleep patterns, sudden body weight gain or loss, and it may even lead to anxiety.


Anxiety is also another serious problem if you don’t take steps to reduce it or constantly think about negative things that can harm you. No matter what type of anxiety disorder you are experiencing, take some time to think about the causes of anxiety and try to eliminate these reasons.


The present study conclude that dry eye disease is significantly correlate with anxiety and depression. In addition, the researchers also found that sleep quality also played a role as a mediator between dry eye disease, anxiety, and depression.

Additionally, here we take a look at what is a dry eye disease and the symptoms associated with it.


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