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Affordable Health Insurance Plans for Family

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There are a lot of health insurance companies that provide family floater plans, which gives
you more options but also more uncertainty. In this blog we will talk about some of the best family health insurance plans online in India.

HDFC Ergo Optima Restore Plan

Since its debut, HDFC ERGO’s Optima Restore Policy has been the company’s best-selling plan. It comes in two varieties: Optima Restore Individual and Optima Restore Family, which provide complete health coverage for you and your family. The Restore benefit, 2X Multiplier benefit are two distinctive benefits of HDFC ERGO health insurance optima

The HDFC ERGO Optima Restore Benefit allows you to get 100 percent of your coverage
back after your first claim. In two claim-free years, the Multiplier benefit will boost your SI
amount by 100%. Renewal discounts, recuperation benefits, organ donor coverage. Additonally other significant coverage advantages are incorporated in HDFC ERGO health optima restore.

Star Family Health Optima Plan

Generally the Star Health Optima Plan is a super saver plan that covers the complete family at a low
cost, including the spouse and dependent children between the ages of 16 and 25. This policy is available to people in India between the ages of 18 and 65. Most importantly this health plan can be renewed for the rest of one’s life after reaching the age of 65. Every claim-free year is rewarded with a health check-up under this coverage. However for each complete exhaustion, the plan provides a three-fold automatic restoration of the money covered by 100 percent.

Furthermore, the Star Health Optima provides extensive coverage, including pre- hospitalization and post-hospitalization, domiciliary hospitalisation, donor expenditures for
organ transplantation, newborn infant coverage beginning on the 16th day, and so forth. By
investing a little more, policyholders can receive the additional sum insured.

Niva Bupa ReAssure Plan

Niva Bupa Health Insurance’s ReAssure Policy is a feature-rich comprehensive medical insurance policy that provides both individual and family floater coverage. You may choose
from a range of sum insured choices ranging from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 1 crore, depending on
your needs.

In-patient hospitalisation charges, daycare expenses, pre-hospitalisation and
post-hospitalisation expenses, advanced therapies, and ambulance expenses are only a few
of the healthcare expenses covered by the insurance. In addition it also provides coverage for emergency road and air ambulance charges, second medical opinions, and domiciliary
hospitalisation expenses, among other things.

Care Health Insurance Plan

The Care Health Insurance is an indemnity-based policy that protects you and
your family against catastrophic medical costs. To cover all of your healthcare needs, the
new age comprehensive health insurance policy is offered in a variety of sum insured
choices ranging from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 75 lakh. This medical insurance policy comes in a
variety of flavours, each with its own set of perks.

The policy’s minimum admission age is five years old (on individual basis, and 91 days on a floater basis when at least 1 insured person’s age is at least 18 years). Additionally you may cover any member of your immediate family under the floater plan, including yourself, your spouse, parents, children, and so on. A one-year, two-year, or three-year insurance can be purchased.

Most importantly the policy has a 30-day waiting time for any condition other than an injury, a four-year waiting period for pre-existing disorders. The good news is that you may adjust your sum insured when you renew your policy.

Basically maternity coverage, pre-hospitalization and post- hospitalization charges, in-patient hospitalisation expenses, ambulance coverage, other
benefits are included in the policy.

ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance Policy

Generally ICICI Lombard Health Insurance provides a variety of medical insurance products that cover a variety of medical expenses. Basically the benefits of ICICI Lombard’s plans include a variable policy term, premium payments, riders, treatment coverage, and a large hospital network, among others. Therefore ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance is one of the company’s plans that promises to cover not only the proposer but also his or her family.

Above all it is a comprehensive Health Insurance plan that provides coverage for the entire family for scheduled or unplanned hospitalizations and treatments. However you can also choose and add critical illness coverage to your basic plan to make that more comprehensive. This health insurance online in India also includes facilities for older adults and as well as optional coverages including outpatient treatment, wellness, preventive healthcare, maternity and new-born baby coverage.

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