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Alternative Weight Loss Centers to Awaken180 in Massachusetts

by mirzag

Losing weight on your own can be difficult. If you choose a restrictive diet, you might not keep the weight off. Additionally, you might even get health complications because of restricting yourself so much. Luckily, weight loss programs can help guide you into a healthy lifestyle that will allow you to lose weight and maintain it. 

What to Look for in a Weight Loss Program?

When looking into weight loss programs, you can choose online or in-person options. Here are some things to look for when researching your options.

A Sustainable Approach

It is of the utmost importance that you find a weight loss program that takes a sustainable approach. It will not help you if you choose something that consists of feeding your body a very low caloric intake and a restrictive diet. This can make you gain all the weight back in the long run. Therefore, you should find a program that helps you find sustainable lifestyle changes toward healthier habits.

Board-Certified Doctors

Weight loss clinics should be run by medical staff. These staff members need to be certified obesity medicine specialists. Additionally, they should be licensed physicians who specialize in weight loss. If you want to check whether a doctor at a weight loss clinic is licensed, you can ask for their license number and verify with the state board. 

Tracking Progress with a Coach

When participating in a weight loss program, you should look for a program that provides you with the appropriate coaching and tracks your progress. Not only should your diet be tracked by a weight loss coach, but they should also track your weight and overall health. Therefore, you should aim to find weight loss programs that take a one-on-one approach.

Weight Loss Programs 

Here are some weight loss programs and centers that can help you lose weight.

Awaken 180

Awaken 180 focuses on your diet and nutrition first. Additionally, their program focuses on fitting into your lifestyle, and they craft a program that is specific to your wants and needs. Awaken also offers one-on-one coaching. However, some reviews online have mentioned that this coaching is not always available. Additionally, their program can be very pricey, depending on what they create for you. 

Weight Loss Center of the North Shore

Located in Salem, the Weight Loss Center of the North Shore focuses on crafting a program that fits into your lifestyle. Additionally, their program allows you to enjoy the good things of life and stray away from the diet during social events or whenever you need to. The great thing about this program is that they focus on making healthy habits and continuing to lose weight in the long run. Additionally, when you choose this weight loss center, the team will give you a thorough in-take exam to craft the perfect plan for you. 

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