Are Pistachio Nuts Good for Erectile Dysfunction?

Pistachio nut

Males try several methods to treat erectile dysfunction. The term erectile dysfunction is used when a male cannot get and sustain the erection for normal intercourse duration. Males with the erection issue are always in search of fruits or food items that cure the problem naturally.

Pistachio is often touted as a nut that boosts the male health. It is considered a natural treatment to erection issue in males. Pistachio improves blood circulation to cure the basic cause of erection issue at cellular level. Studies by nutritionists have confirmed that males who had pistachio in their improved their blood flow after 3 three weeks of regular use. Let us study the benefits pistachio offers which cut the risk of erectile issue.

Pistachio improves blood circulation

Erectile issue is basically a poor blood circulation problem. The poor functioning of arteries and clogged blood vessels reduce blood flow toward the pelvic area. The reduced flow makes it difficult to get an erection which happens when blood flows in the smooth tissue of the male organ. Instead of using Sildenafil citrate 200mg, a higher dose prescribed for higher erection problem, regular consumption of handful of pistachio naturally overcome slow blood problem. Pistachio rich diet is a natural remedy to cure male health weakness.

Pistachio cuts cholesterol in blood vessels

Pistachios improve heart health by cutting cholesterol formation in blood vessels. The nut has great nutrients for heart. These are monounsaturated fatty acid, phytosterols, and antioxidants. In addition to these nutrients, dry fruit has omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which clear vessels of any obstruction due to cholesterol. Regular pistachio consumption lowers bad fat or cholesterol levels in blood vessels. The combined result is less stress on heart in maintains the optimal blood circulation in the body. Smooth flow in blood vessels improves blood flow towards the male organ.

Pistachios also have healthy L –arginine and vitamin E to prevent formation of blood clots. Thus the root of the erection problem is cured by regular consumption of pistachio.

Control diabetes with pistachio

Diabetes is one of the lifestyle issues behind erection difficulty in mid aged males. Diabetes hastens the arrival of erectile dysfunction in males at by 10 years according to one estimate.

Pistachio has low glycemic index, which determine the impact of food on sugar levels in the body.  It is safe to consume this nut for a diabetic patient. In fact consumption can lower the sugar level.  The males who have obese and have obesity as one of the diabetes cause can lower weight with pistachio diet.

Weight check by pistachio

Monounsaturated soluble fats in nature are considered effective for weight check. The pistachios are the best nut for dieting people. It addition to unsaturated fats, and proteins pistachio also have low calories compared to other dry fruits. Males with weight often find difficulty in getting and sustaining an erection. It has been seen that if overweight is the only cause behind erection problem, then weight management leads to improvement in erection.

Pistachio boost sperm count

Erectile dysfunction in younger, otherwise healthy males could be due to the low sperm count. Nutritionists recommend use of pistachio on daily basis to increase sperm count and motility of sperm. The motility of sperm is ability of sperms to swim in semen. It increases fertility and boosts libido. A big boost to libido cures any degree of erection problem. In fact, a male with libido intact can overcome even higher erection issue easily with the help of generic Cailis 60 mg, which doctors prescribe for severe erection difficulty.

Other nutrients in pistachio that boost health

Pistachio nut also has minerals which boost male health in different ways contributing to a smooth erection process. These minerals include selenium, one of the best minerals for male health. Others are calcium, vitamin B6, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, and potassium. The fiber in pistachio clears digestive tracks of any toxins, thus eliminating the waste from the body. It leads to improved digestion which prompts better eating. And, only a healthy body can have a normal erection.


Pistachio cuts the risk of erectile dysfunction in males by improving blood circulation. It cuts the cholesterol in blood vessels. Give energy to males, improves the heart health by removing obstruction in the path of blood flow in vessels. Control diabetes and check weight to lead a healthy life with an optimal blood circulation in the body.


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