Balding: Quick Facts, Signs, and Permanent Treatment

causes of bald spots- Balding: Quick Facts, Signs, and Permanent Treatment

Each day a healthy adult sheds between 50-100 strands of hair. It’s very typical, and the scalp quickly replaces the strands. However, some permanent strands make up the length of your hair. However, you may lose hair leading to bald spots.
What causes bald spots? This could be a question lingering in your mind after realizing you have a few soft spots on your scalp. They restrict the hairstyle and haircuts you wear. You have to style in a way to conceal the spots. However, you may not enjoy the benefit of hiding bald spots. Balding progresses, leaving you with visible bald spots and few strands of hair.
You can prevent this if you’re aware of what causes bald spots. You can stop the process as it starts or reverse before losing a massive number of hair strands. 

What is Balding

As stated earlier, it’s normal for an adult to lose a few hair strands daily. However, you can develop bald spots when the shedding is excessive. Some people get sudden balds after an unfortunate incident like trauma due to accidents, burns, etc.
We use the word balding to describe a condition called androgenic alopecia. It’s a condition that causes progressive male and female pattern baldness. There are several types of androgenic alopecia depending on the pattern you are losing hair and the behavior of the hair and scalp.

The hair growth cycle has three phases. The anagen phase is the growth phase- It lasts about 2-4 years. 90% of the hair on your scalp is in this phase. You lose the other 10% of hair through daily shedding. However, the loss is cyclic. You’ll find that the 10% is younger hair than the rest.
The transition phase is also known as the catagen phase. Hair follicles in this phase thin out in about 2-3 weeks. Telogen Phase is the last phase in the hair cycle. At this point, the hair rests and sheds. After shedding, it restarts the cycle. The phases last for about 3-4 months. If your hair doesn’t regrow after the telogen phase, you’ll start developing bald spots.

Causes of Bald Spots

The first cause of bald spots is hair failing to regrow after the first hair growth cycle. The other processes will continue even when the hair doesn’t regrow. Thus, after several telogen phases, bald spots will be visible.
Other causes of hair loss include tight hair updos. If you have tight ponytails, you’ll lose your hair along the hairline. The tension causes strain on the air follicles. They weaken and eventually release the hair; Prolonged stress can lead to permanent hair loss.
Sometimes you may develop autoimmune conditions that attack your hair follicles. You may need to treat the disease before you try a hair regrowth method.
Chemotherapy is a treatment method that accelerates hair loss. You have to live with a bald head until you are done with your chemo sessions.
Scalp infection is another common cause of balding. It happens when fungi or bacteria affect your scalp. The patch deteriorates and weakens, affecting the hair follicles. You may develop permanent hair loss if you don’t treat the infection early.
Other causes include insufficient protein in your diet, iron deficiency anemia, thyroid problem, mental stress, and malnutrition.

Signs of Balding

Before you witness visible bald spots, you can get some signs of balding. They include:

  • An increased number of hair strands on the comb or hairbrush.
  • Shedding hair on your pillowcase
  • Receding hairline
  • Broad-line when you part hair
  • Your hair strands grow thinner. 

Facts about Balding

  • 20% of people experiencing balding have a blood relative with the same problem.
  • There’s no scientific research that proves that mental stress is a part of the causes of bald spots.
  • There’s no cure in some types of balding such as alopecia areata.
  • Balding is reversible and treatable. 
  • Older people are more prone to balding.
  • A hair transplant doesn’t stop hair loss. 

Permanent Treatment of Balding

There are several ways you can use to fix bald spots. Sometimes. The causes of bald spots dictate the hair loss treatment method you apply.
Hair transplants have gained fame in recent years. It helps to fix the bald spots permanently. However, it’d help if you stopped hair loss to prevent the development of new bald spots.
Laser treatment is also a permanent way to treat bald spots. Low energy lasers revive hair follicles. Thus, your scalp will produce thicker and healthier hair.
PRP is a permanent way to fix bald spots. The blood protein revives the hair follicles and helps regrow healthy hair.


Despite the causes of bald spots, you can get a permanent solution. It’d help if you addressed the hair loss as soon as you see the signs. It helps to prevent the formation of bald patches. 


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