Benefits Of Mudras For Female Energy

Benefits of mudras for female energy
Benefits of mudras for female energy

Mudras are those hand gestures that are practiced while doing meditation or while practicing an asana. You can utilize them for connecting with yourself or with your emotions. Mudras also assist us in fostering feelings of strength, calmness and balance whenever you require it.

Each mudra has diverse meanings and purposes, and they are one of the most powerful tools while practicing yoga. Whether you are looking for attaining peace and calmness during stressful situations or need assistance for overcoming obstacles in life, mudras assist you in achieving this. This is the reason it is practiced in most of the yoga school in Rishikesh.

Three powerful mudras assist you in connecting with your divine femaleness and make you enabled to take challenges and changes.


The strength of various mudras

Mudras, in simple terms, are the gestures that are intended to awareness or refined energy and make alterations on level of physical and esoteric levels. It is primarily related to Ayurveda and is called the sister science of yoga. These mudras keep an intention to balance and harmonize for unblocking and unleashing vital and some of the powerful impacts.

The sole intention of mudra matters in the same level as the positioning of the hand. Therefore, you must clarify how and why you are targeting to alter your energy and set up your intentions before you practice.

Just as we take time to practice physical yoga asanas and still ourselves in meditation, these mudras are also worth taking time to work on. It helps us in realizing what your body and mind require and how you have the power to alter how you feel when you want to.


Let’s discuss some of the powerful mudras for female energy:

Yoni Mudra:

It is one of the best mudras for regaining female energy, and it is very powerful for quietening your mind and tying together your feminine power. The word yoni itself means womb, and this yoni mudra assists us in achieving the required calmness and tranquility that we normally experience inside our mother’s womb.

This mudra also signifies Shakti, the feminism and can assist in harnessing your power and steps into your divine feminism.

 If you want to practice yoni mudra, then

  • At first, look for a comfortable position keeping your spine tall as well as straight.
  • Keep your palms together in a pose of doing prayer.
  • Now press the fingertips against each other and separate your palms, thereby making the shape of a tent using your hand.
  • Then keep your thumbs and index fingers pressed together, bent and then interlace your other fingers.
  • Now turn your mudra to point down your index finger and focus on breathing towards your lower abdomen.
  • Then start breathing in and out with the help of your nose and then notice how the energy is flowing through your body.


Trimurti mudra

It is also called the trinity gesture that refers to three Hindu gods that are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. This mudra gives a representation of these three forces that are present within all of us. Trimurti mudra is very much powerful that supports you through all changes in your life. It also assists in instilling a feeling of peace as well as acceptance. Being one of the powerful mudras for female energy, Trimurti mudra assists in decreasing the feeling of stress and assists you to accept and overcome some of the challenges.

To practice Trimurti mudra

  • Keep your spine tall and straight and maintain a comfortable position.
  • Then keep your palms together at the center of the heart.
  • Keep your thumbs and the index finger together and open the palm-like wing.
  • Now place the mudra above your head to include feelings of high strength and power.
  • In another way, you can flip the mudra in such a way that your palms face your body and your index finger points downward. Now hold the mudra above your lower abdomen to assist you in finding balance as well as calmness when you are feeling overwhelmed.
  • Take deep breaths, and then try to envisage your breathing like flowing water.

Kali mudra

It represents the Hindu goddess Kali who exemplifies high strength, power, and destruction. It is one of the most powerful mudras for female energy. Kali destroys old things so that space can be made for new things. Kali assists you in breaking ties with something that does not serve you, even if it is tough.

If you want to practice Kali mudra

  • Look for a comfortable seating position keeping your back tall and straight.
  • Now keep your palms together in a prayer pose.
  • Fold and interlock your last three fingers by keeping the index finger and thumb in an upward position.
  • By keeping your mudra in front of your heart, start breathing deeply.
  • While breathing deeply, envisage letting things go off that hold you back.

Thus, to summarize, these mudras are beautiful ways to unleash your inner Shakti and discover the heavenly feminine goddess from within. If you are looking for calming your mind, then discover a quiet place and enjoy your self-reflection with mudras. A 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh also gives good training on all mudras.

Mudras have been proved to be one of the great methods in attaining self-love.


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