Benefits of Silk Fabric


Silk is a natural fiber produced by insects as a material for their nests and cocoons. Silk worms, mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori are few kinds of insects that produce silk. It takes 5000 earth worms to produce just one kilogram of silk. This is why the production is very low and this makes silk very expensive. There are different types of silk fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, organza and silk satin. Many brands out there have silk clothes such as kurtis, sarees, and 2pc 3pc suits. In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of silk fabric.

1) Silk prevents effect of ageing

Silk has this natural quality that reduces signs of ageing, such as wrinkles on face. It produces and retains moisture on its own. Dermatologist always suggest people silk fabric because of its features of preventing ageing and re-energizing the human skin. Silk helps dead skin cells to develop and repair much faster. It can work better than the night cream you apply on your skins for beauty and help you get a better sleep too.

2) Reduces hair breakage

Silk helps reduce friction that decreases damages like split ends. It does not strip off your hair’s natural oils like cotton does, and helps with retaining hydration. Furthermore, Sleeping on a silk fabric helps your hair get softer and prevents your style too when you sleep. Women from early days used to advice their younger to wear a silk scarf because that helps to increase the beauty and makes hair stronger.

3) Relief for skin allergies

Many people these days suffer from different kind of skin allergies. When they sleep they get rashes all over their body in morning. This affects their sleep too. However, silk can be your best hypoallergenic solution to skin sensitivity and allergies. The proteins in silk repel these microscopic critters, that are one of the reasons of human skin allergies. Besides this, silk’s long and smooth fibers do not irritate the skin, preventing allergic reactions and helps you get a peaceful sleep.

4) Can improve sleep

Though we have discussed above many reasons why silk can improve sleep, but there are many others that you should have knowledge of. Silk helps you fall asleep faster because it is comfortable. It helps control body temperature and control moisture. Because of its sheen and softness, it is becoming increasingly popular with beddings manufacturers. Silk pillow case helps prevent wrinkles on your face too when you sleep. 30 to 40% people in the world have sleeping issues due to the fabric they sleep on. It is not perfect for them. That is why doctors prefer silk to help you get better sleep and recover fast from the sickness you suffer from.

5) Silk helps your skin breathe

Many synthetic fabric trap air within the fabric. Silk is a type of fabric that allows air to move in and out of the fabric. That is why your skin feels fresh and hydrated when you wear silk instead of other fabrics. Wearing silk is considered as one of the beauty tips for women especially for those with dry, flaky skin. Jennifer Peterson, MD, a dermatologist at the Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center in Houston says, hydrated, plump skin cells show fewer fine lines (wrinkles!) and more luminosity than dehydrated skin cells.

6) Great for asthma and eczema patients

People with eczema problem use many creams and lotions to prevent their redness and itchiness of the skin. But the reason for their disease can be the fabric they are wearing or sleeping on. Silk is a kind of fabric that can deal with all types of skin. It protects the wearer from day-to-day allergens. Because of these amazing healing qualities of skin, it is an alternative to cotton and other fabrics. Not only eczema, but silk is a very good option for asthmatic patients too. Bed bugs and droppings are few things that can affect the sleep of an asthmatic  patient, but these microscopic items would not stand a chance against silk’s compact structure.


These were some benefits we short-listed about the silk fabric. But there are many others, few of which are yet to be discovered.  Silk can help you make your lifestyle better and comfortable. These are the reason why silk have been expensive and every dress like saree, ladies kurti etc. have now been started to be stitched in silk fabric.


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