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Best Foods for Male Health

by Petercohen
Best Foods for Male Health

Men & women are different in every way, including their nutritional needs. Just as women need special nutrition during pregnancy, men also need nutrients that can help them maintain muscle mass, prevent prostate cancer, and have good sperm count and quality. However, foods that tend to be favorites among men are not the best choices for their health.

Food that is good for a man’s cardiovascular system is also good for erectile function in men. “Nutrition that is good for the heart increases circulation throughout the body, providing a layer of protection against cancer and other chronic diseases.

The food a man eats is very important for physical health, from erection strength to sperm motility. Research shows that certain nutrients have provided positive benefits to the performance of the testes. Yes, certain foods have the potential to increase sperm count and quality, you know!

Best Foods for Male Health

Brazil Nuts

Not many know that Brazil nuts are beneficial for the health. Selenium, a trace mineral found in Brazil nuts, plays an important role in hormone balance. Men only need a small amount of selenium to have healthy sperm.

However, if a man is deficient in selenium, it can cause problems for health. Men who had lower testosterone and lower levels of selenium. In addition, Brazil nuts contain healthy fats that can make men thin!


Fruits are rich in L-citrulline, an amino acid that can help make erections harder. In the body, L-citrulline will be converted into L-arginine, which can stimulate nitric oxide production, increase blood flow. Vidalista can also improving erections.


One of the benefits of zinc or zinc contained in oysters is to repair cells. Research shows that men who eat zinc foods can be protected from cell damage that causes prostate cancer.

Physical function of the male system, including increased sperm count, can be improved by eating foods containing zinc.

Oysters have long been known to be good for male virility. This is because it contains a lot of zinc, which helps the secretion of the male hormone testosterone and forms sperm.

About 5 mg of zinc is excreted from the body during one ejaculation, and it is said that 100 g of oysters contain about 90 mg of zinc.


The main ingredient of pesto sauce is pine nuts. That’s why this green sauce is rich in zinc. Men with higher zinc content in the body have been shown to have a higher drive. In addition, nuts are a source of magnesium which can increase testosterone and keep sperm quality healthy.


Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants that support blood flow & improve erectile dysfunction. Animal studies have shown that Vidalista 60 can improve long-term erectile response. So, there’s no harm in trying, gangs!


Figs are rich in amino acids and help increase stamina. In ancient Rome, it was widely known as a fertility stimulant, and it is said that it was usefully used as an effective energizer.

Figs are rich in dietary fiber, so if you eat them as a dessert after a meal, digestion is better.


The third is a food called asparagus. In the West, this food is called an energy food, and it is said that vitamin B6 & folic acid, which are abundant in asparagus, have an orgasm-enhancing effect. It also contains vitamin E, which activates the hormones of both men and women.


Ginger is good for energy enough to be called a ‘God-given energizer’ in Arabian Nights. The English word for ginger, ‘ginger’, has the meaning of stamina and vigor, and as a verb, it has the meaning of ‘invigorate.’ Vidalista 40 and Tadalista can help improve for Ed.


Chocolate, which has been recognized as one of the most loved food by women for hundreds of years, induces love in a more passionate and romantic way. Handing over chocolates on Valentine’s Day may be derived from this hypothesis. Chocolate contains many ingredients that sensitize the nervous system and stimulate cravings, so it is well known as an aphrodisiac that develops the sensual five senses between lovers.


Garlic is a representative health food. Garlic’s allicin ingredient dilates blood vessels, which is particularly good for blood circulation and has an excellent effect on lowering cholesterol levels. Garlic is good food for erectile dysfunction. Black garlic is in vogue these days, so I think it would be good to eat regular garlic raw at mealtime without having to buy expensive black garlic.


Have you ever heard that monks don’t eat onions? The monks who live quietly in the secluded mountains are also men, so they will have a desire. This means that the effect of onions is high for men. Among the ingredients in onions, Sildigra 100 and Prejac are very helpful in improving physical function.

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