Best portable vaporizer for concentrates in 2021

Best portable vaporizer for concentrates in 2021

Depending on the type of concentrate, portable vaporizers exist in different varieties. These varieties include:

  • Portable vaporizers for dry herb concentrates
  • Portable vaporizers for wax concentrates.
  • Portable vaporizers for oil concentrates.

You can also find portable vaporizers that you can use for vaping several types of concentrates. For example, Dr. Dabber’s SWITCH is a portable vaporizer that you can use for both oils and flowers.

Many people are switching from smoking to using portable vaporizers for concentrates. This trend arose because portable vaporizers are known to offer strong and more flavorful hits, discretion. Unlike smoking, portable vaporizers for concentrates won’t leave an odor on your clothes after use.

Nonetheless, finding the best portable vaporizer for concentrates in 2021 depends on your vaping style and preferences. For beginners below are some of the characteristics that should not miss in the best portable vape.

  1. Adjustable power settings.

Some brands refer to adjustable temperature settings as voltage or temperature/ heat settings. Having a portable vaporizer for concentrates, with adjustable power settings enables you to determine how exactly you want your hits.

If you choose higher power settings, the portable vaporizer will give you a cloudy experience and strong hits. On other hand, vaping at low power settings offers you more flavorful hits and fewer clouds.

  1. Long-lasting battery life.

Enough battery life on a portable vaporizer means that your experience will not be cut short by a dead battery. Your ideal portable vaporizer should come with a bigger battery capacity, especially if you love traveling a lot or you get limited time to recharge your portable vaporizer. If your portable vaporizer’s battery is compatible with pass-through charging, then it is a plus for you.

  1. Quality airflow.

Quality airflow supplements the adjustable power settings in ensuring that you get the ideal hits. With this feature, your portable vaporizer is least likely to deliver harsh vapor.

Which is the best portable vaporizer for concentrates in 2021?

Portable vaporizers are classified based on the various types of concentrates they are used to vaporize. Wax pens/ dab pens are portable vaporizers used for vaping thick and semi-solid concentrates called wax or dab concentrates. Besides, there are vape pens meant for vaping oil/ E-liquid, E-juice concentrates. 

The text below lists some of the best portable vaporizers for dry herb concentrates in 2021.

  1. Dr. Dabber SWITCH.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH is a portable vaporizer with unmatched versatility. With a simple press of a button, you can transform the SWITCH from a fully equipped oil rig to a vaporizer for dry herb/ flower concentrates. The portable vaporizer matches this versatility with a great heating speed and excellent battery life to give you the ultimate experience.

  1. PAX 3.

PAX 3 is a modern portable vaporizer for concentrates. It features a Bluetooth App, which you interface with your smartphone and access all the controls such as the temperature controls. Also, the portable vaporizer has great airflow, which improves the quality of your hits. The improved heat-up time on the portable vaporizer ensures you get your hits in no time.

  1. Arizer Solo II.

Arizer ‘s Solo II portable vaporizer features an ergonomic design that feels great when holding in your hand. Moreover, the vape is constructed from high-quality and durable materials. It heats up very fast and delivers flavorful hits via its all-glass vapor path.

  1. Firefly 2+.

The Firefly 2+ portable vaporizer is an improved version of its predecessor the Firefly 2. It features a longer battery life and an innovative airflow system. Furthermore, the portable vaporizer is very efficient and discrete (good at minimizing strong odors). It utilizes a convection heating system to give you the best vaping experience.

  1. KandyPens K-Vape Pro.

The K-Vape Pro from Kandpens is a portable vaporizer meant for both the present and the future. It utilizes a hybrid of conduction and convection heating techniques to give you the best of both vaping worlds. Also, the portable vape has four temperature options, from which you can choose the most ideal. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

  1. DaVinci IQ.

DaVinci IQ is a very user-friendly portable vaporizer. It allows you to dial your favorite temperature setting precisely. Also, it features a 51-light grid display and an easy-to-use interface. Replaceable and rechargeable 18650 batteries power the DaVinci IQ portable vaporizer for concentrates.


You can now easily identify the best portable vaporizer for concentrates in 2021. Additionally, you now know some of the best-rated portable vaporizers for dry herb/ flower concentrates in 2021. Congratulations!!!

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