Bullhorn lip lift: Procedure, Cost, and Risk

Bullhorn lip lift Procedure, Cost, and Risk

You should be familiar with the procedure you are interested in before visiting a cosmetic surgeon. This article will teach you everything you need to know about the most fantastic lip surgery – bullhorn lip lift: Procedure, Cost, and Risks

What exactly is a bullhorn lip lift?

Fuller, bigger, and more pronounced lips. While some people naturally have fuller, more beautiful lips, it is now just as simple to go to the doctor. People, particularly women, have their lips improved through various lip surgeries in order to enhance their appearance or simply because they are getting older.

Bull horn lip lift is a method of removing the space between the nose and the mouth, giving the lips a more defined and fuller appearance and a more beautiful pout. It is usually done under local anesthesia and is thought to be both safe and effective. In fact, many cosmetic surgeons consider it the best treatment for lip augmentation.

Who is a suitable candidate for lip lift?

For those who want to achieve the perfect pout, a bullhorn lip lift is a good option. It will close the gap between the nose and the lips, making the pout more attractive.

Once you’ve chosen the right cosmetic clinic, you’ll be evaluated to see if you meet the procedure’s eligibility requirements. The surgeon will most likely decide whether you:

  • Are you in good enough health to tolerate the procedure’s pain?
  • Do you have any medical conditions that could affect the outcome?
  • Are you willing to take medications as prescribed by the practitioner?

How is the procedure conducted?

The surgeon will first discuss your expectations and ask you what you specifically want from this treatmentHe will then decide and elect which technique to use and how much improvement to makeNext, he will surgically cut the area of skin between the nose and lips and close the region with stitches and sutures.

Lastly, he will give you post-treatment advice and inform you what can potentially happen in the next couple of days

How do you prepare?

If the surgeon approves your bullhorn lip lift, you may be advised to:

  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages
  • Fill prescriptions ahead of time. Pain relievers, antibiotics, vitamins, and topical creams may be included.
  • Keep a record of all medications you’ve ever taken.
  • Determine who will drive you home after surgery.

Concerning post-operative care

Following surgery, you will be transferred to the post-operative care unit. A team of nurses and assistants will look after you here. The following are some essential post-operative instructions for patients who have had a bullhorn lip lift:

  • Take your medications on time;
  • Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages; and
  • Avoid strenuous exercise.

What are the benefits ?

  • Best aesthetic outcomes
  • Improved look and confidence
  • Minimal negative reactions
  • Reduced recovery times

Are there risks?

Yes, reactions do happen from time to time.

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Soreness
  • Bleeding
  • Infection

Fortunately, these reactions are usually transient and resolve within 72 hours.

How much does a bullhorn lip lift cost?

The cost of a bullhorn lip lift in Dubai varies depending on the patient. It starts at AED 9,000  and goes up from there. Additional sessions can cost around AED 20,000.

How long will the effects last?

Nothing lasts forever, not even the results of a bullhorn lip lift. The results of a bullhorn lip lift usually last between nine and twelve years.

Can I get bullhorn lift in one session?

We slot enough time for patients, newbies and old, who are willing to have the surgery on the same day. Our team can also give patients time to return on another day if they want to reconsider their decision.

Choosing the surgery center

When considering cosmetic surgery clinic, you may want to:

  • Explore the number of procedures the center perform each year
  • Learn if the clinic is offering any financing plans
  • Ask about the results and risks of lip lift surgery
  • Consider surgeon’s commitment to keeping up with the latest techniques

Key Takeaways

A bullhorn lip lift is a surgical procedure to give the patient a more defined cupid’s bow. Both males and females can opt for this practice.To get a definite price tag of this procedure, contact a cosmetic surgeon near you.


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