Can Yoga Be Helpful For Women In Normal Baby Delivery


Due to changing lifestyles and surroundings, our living and food have changed a lot today. Due to which most of the women today do not have a normal delivery but through a caesarian. Although the body is not damaged by surgery, the capacity and energy are lost somewhere else.

If we talk about rural areas, there is still normal delivery of women there, but compared to this, it is much more in women living in the city. The main reason for normal delivery in rural areas is the pure environment there and the active work of women during pregnancy, but urban women like to relax more and more at this time.


Because of which she does not do any kind of physical actions. As a result, they have more problems at the time of delivery as well as have to resort to surgery. In such a situation, if you want to make the delivery healthy and without surgery, then you must make some yoga as part of your regular routine. This yoga will prove to be very beneficial for you as well as your child. Come, know Normal Delivery Yoga.

Know Yoga Benefits in Normal Delivery

Every mother dreams of having a child who is healthy, but sometimes due to lack of information, women-only rest and do no work of any kind. It is true that work should be reduced in the initial days, but it is said so that any kind of weakness does not come into the body. It is necessary that you neither carry heavy goods nor keep them from one place to another and you can do normal household work. Also, you should resort to yoga so that your body muscles are strong and there is not much pain during delivery. Now let us know Yoga for Normal Baby Delivery.

Yoga Asana For Normal Delivery

Some below yoga asana can be useful to women in their delivery:

1- Sukh Bhadrasana

  • First of all, sit comfortably in a clean place and try to mix the soles of both legs.
  • After this try to bring your feet closer to the body.
  • Stretch as easily as you can, but do not push too hard.
  • While stretching, you can keep the soles stick together with the help of your hands.
  • Now place your hands on your knees and breathe deeply.
  • Finally, exhale and return to normal.

Benefits of Sukh Bhadrasana

With the practice of Sukh Bhadrasana, the muscles of the uterus of women could become flexible and waist strong during pregnancy.

2- Titli Asana or Butterfly Pose

  • First of all, bend your two legs from the knees and stick the soles together.
  • Now cross the fingers of both hands and grab the feet.
  • After this, lower your feet up like a butterfly.
  • While doing this, keep in mind that your back and arms should be perfectly straight.
  • Initially, you can do it 30 to 50 times and gradually increase it to 100.

Benefits of Titli Asana

Pregnant women should start the practice of butterfly posture by the third month. It is helpful in reducing the difficulties of delivery. By doing this, the muscles of the thigh, abdomen, and stomach are stressed. Due to this, we get relief from fatigue caused by standing or walking for a long time.

Sahaj Vakarasan

  • First of all, sit in the position of Padmasana or Sukhasana.
  • After that, breathe the palm of the right hand on the left leg knee and keep the waist straight in this position.
  • Now while exhaling, keep the left hand at the waist and turn to the left.
  • In this case, stop counting to 10 and then return to normal.
  • Repeat this asana from both sides.

Asanas are done during pregnancy

During the entire pregnancy – sitting and operating the body means activating every joint of the body.

  • From 4 months to prenatal – make it easy to lie on your back or by lying straight.
  • At the completion of 8 months – in this time, practice the postures of sitting on the paws.
  • Up to 9 months – Due to the regular practice of meditation and pranayama, blood pressure remains under control during pregnancy.

Benefits of yoga in pregnancy

  • The blood circulation properly in the pregnant woman’s body.
  • Yoga helps in removing anxiety and stress.
  • The digestive system is fine and gets relief from constipation.
  • Yoga is the best way to keep blood pressure normal.
  • Back pain and muscle stretch are removed and the body becomes flexible.

Today we have told you about Normal Delivery Yoga. Regular practice of these asanas could help pregnant women to have problems during delivery, as well as the chances of your delivery being normal. You can also know more about yoga asana by joining 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.



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