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Considerations When Purchasing Helium Balloon Singapore

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When purchasing helium balloons as gifts or preparing one for yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Floating Time Helium gas occurs naturally with a lower density compared to oxygen. This is what makes it float. As the helium leaks, the balloons shrink and lose their capacity to float. Because helium is temperature-sensitive, we recommend storing your helium balloons away from excessive heat and cold. Our helium balloons are constructed of natural rubber. Consequently, they shrink and lose their capacity to float. However, helium balloons are still enjoyable! Keep an eye on the timer and relish your birthday balloons Singapore while they last.

As a starting point, please refer to the following balloon size and floating time.

  • 11-inch Latex – About 8 hours 
  • 36-inch Latex – About 24-30 hours 
  • Foil balloons – About 2 days 
  • Orbz – At least 2 days 
  • 24-inch Bubble Balloon – At least 2 days

Generally, Latex balloon bouquets will often only stay inflated for roughly 8 hours. It is critical to opt out of any helium balloons only on the day of the event. Conversely, Mylar balloons (also foil) may float for about two to seven days. These are ideal for times when you need to have helium balloons to last a long time.

  • Balloon bouquet storage

If you are purchasing balloons for an upcoming event, we recommend keeping them away from excessive light and heat. In particular, latex balloons are compostable. As such, these types of Helium balloons are susceptible to both of these factors. Avoid exposing yourself to direct sunlight or anything really hot. It is advised that the balloons be stored in an air-conditioned area to retain their lustre and colour. Avoid putting balloons near any sharp things. You don’t want to get them inflated before you can have fun. 

With these facts in mind, you won’t have to worry about anything. Enjoy your occasions and let the memory linger. Get the best balloon Singapore from Misty Daydream and have fun on your occasion!

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