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Difference between Cosmetologist and Dermatologist

Difference between Cosmetologist and Dermatologist

Cosmetologists are the same as dermatologists, right? Or are these just fancy terms to confuse us?

Let’s find out!

Most people like to think of cosmetology as another word for dermatology. To clear things out, let’s begin by saying that these two terms are completely different. Yes, they both deal with skin-related issues and beauty treatments but they both are solutions to completely different kinds of issues.


For a dermatologist, one needs to graduate from medical school, complete his/her training period, and then can be called a dermatologist. A dermatologist is just like any other doctor with a specialization in issues of skin, hair, and nails. Any such disease is first diagnosed and then treated by a dermatologist. For example, in third world countries, the concept is gaining more ground, which can be seen by how The scope of dermatologists in Pakistan is gradually increasing. People are becoming more aware of themselves in terms of health issues. As to become a dermatologist, one needs to graduate from a medical school, he is expected to have some basic level knowledge of neurology, endocrinology, surgery, and rheumatology.

The lifestyles we have adopted are not generally very healthy for us and one way or another they are casting their effects on our health. The diseases like skin cancer, fungal infections, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, warts, etc. are treated by a dermatologist. Professions like a medical dermatologist, cosmetic dermatologist, and pediatric dermatologist are all types of dermatology.

As now when people are more aware of their health and mind issues and seeking help is not considered to be a taboo anymore, concepts like cosmetology and dermatology are gaining strength in Pakistan.


Now coming to Cosmetology, a cosmetologist is a person who gives different beauty treatments for skin, hair, and nails.  Simply put a cosmetologist is a beauty expert.  Cosmetology can be defined as ‘’ the study and application of different beauty treatments”. The word “Cosmetology” itself is derived from the Greek language and means “Beautifying”.

Cosmetologists usually work in spas and salons. And their clientele includes people of all ages. Today an individual living in society feel more pressured to look appealing and there is this urge to look flawless and radiant because of which the concept of cosmetology has accelerated in Pakistan. The concept of being comfortable in your skin and the need to look fresh and glowy is now more stressed upon. From simple skincare facials to super fancy ones like hydra facial, LED Light Therapy, Microcurrent facial, laser resurfacing, etc. are being done today. The treatments like micro-needling, micro pigmentation, manicures/ pedicures, eyelash extension, eyebrow tinting, massages are becoming quite popular worldwide.

The rise in the number of beauty salons and spas shows that more people are interested in grooming themselves. The different jobs that a cosmetologist can perform but are not limited to are:

  • Hair Styling

This can include hair cutting, changing their texture or dying them

  • Facials

As mentioned above, depending on the skin type and requirements, doing different facials.

  • Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting

This includes eyelash extension and tinting the eyebrows.

Cosmetologists usually provide their clients with various tips to have healthy skin and hair. They usually recommend some organic masks or different oils whereas a dermatologist would recommend certain medication for the underlying issue.

Usually to become a cosmetologist, one requires to graduate high school and then get some training or certification in cosmetology. Now more than ever people are interested in this field, different training and courses are also available to widen the horizon of cosmetology now more than ever.

As there are many different fields in dermatology, the cosmetology field also offers similar professions like makeup artists, hair artists, Estheticians, and skincare specialists.  All these individuals try to solve our skin and hair issues.

Dermatology and cosmetology are entirely different streams and although they both deal with skin and hair related issues their approach of treatment is in totally different aspects.

So Which One is Better?

That strongly depends on what your skin problem is. As explained above these two are distinct fields with their tweak of services.

Both of these fields are now gaining more popularity. Therefore, before jumping upon on any conclusions, make sure you have educated yourself about the specialties enough to know what you should expect from your next appointment.

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