Different Types Of Lenses For Your Sunglasses

Polorized Sunglasses

For making a bold fashion statement while you are outdoors, sunglasses are a wonderful option. The glasses provide a touch of class to your overall physical appearance. 

Talking about the utility of glasses, it isn’t just limited to being used as a fashion accessory. In fact, the most important function of sunglasses is that they provide UV protection.  And with phenomena like global warming around, the need for sunglasses is more than ever. 

Eyewear fashion has evolved over time and so have fashionable glasses. Gone are those days when the markets were mainly flooded with the classic aviators and the edgy wayfarers. In present times, glasses are available in all styles, ranging from charismatic cat-eye frames to vintage browlines.

There are also multiple types of lenses that have been introduced. These lenses further enhance not only the style of glasses but also their functionality. Let’s discuss the various types of lenses that make sunglasses multi-functional eyewear. From mirrored sunglasses to those which come with prescription, we have covered them all.

Non-prescriptive Sunglasses

These are your normal pairs of sunglasses. Non-prescriptive sunglasses utilize the simplest of the lenses. These pairs are only used for the purpose of UV protection. 

While buying these pairs or any other pairs of sunglasses, you should look for those that provide 100% UV protection. Basically, glasses that come with both UVA & UVB protective coatings are effective in ensuring 100% UV protection.

Polarised Sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses are very popular among those involved in activities like driving, fishing, boating, sports, among others. Apart from the basic function of providing UV protection, polarised glasses also help deal with glare. 


After striking various obstacles, light rays get reflected in all directions. Glare can result when these reflected light rays reach our eyes. Apart from lack of clarity in vision, glare can also cause eye strain, headaches, and some other irritating conditions.

The lenses of the polarised glasses come with a filter that blocks the reflected light responsible for glare. By eliminating glare, these pairs provide a much clearer vision. 

For that safe driving experience, to make the most out of the natural scenic beauty on a boating trip, or to optimise your performance while playing sports, polarised sunglasses are what you need. Polarised sunglasses are also recommended to be used in snowy conditions, as the chances of encountering glare are high.

Mirrored Sunglasses

The outside part of the lenses of mirrored sunglasses has a thin metallic layer. These sunglasses are very common in sports. They get their name as mirrored glasses as the outside part of these lenses is similar to a mirror. 

When you look from outside, the lenses might appear opaque. However, this doesn’t mean light is not allowed to pass through. To help you see clearly, enough light is allowed to enter through these lenses. 

These glasses certainly provide UV protection just like other pairs of glasses. Owing to the anti-reflective lenses, also help prevent glare. One of the major benefits of mirrored sunglasses is their durability – thanks to the thin metallic layer.

Mirrored sunglasses should not be confused with polarised lenses or glasses. Although both these pairs are effective in reducing glare, both of them vary in their visual appeal as polarised sunglasses don’t come with any sort of metal layer applied over the lenses. 

Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription glasses are glasses that come fitted with prescription lenses. These pairs serve the dual function of eyesight correction and UV protection. 

Prescription glasses are an ideal outdoor eyewear option for those who require an eyesight correction. For your indoor requirements, you can put on the normal pair of prescription glasses with clear lenses. Once you step outdoors, you will also need UV protection. Here, prescription glasses will come to your rescue.

You can even get your normal pair of sunglasses updated to prescription glasses by opting for reglazing. In this process, the non-prescription lenses will be replaced with that of prescription ones and fitted into the frame of your existing glasses.

To know whether you are in need of prescription eyewear or whether your prescription has changed, you can get your eyes tested. In fact, frequent eye tests are a healthy practice. You should get your eye tested annually. In this way, you will not only be able to find out your need for prescription eyewear but also whether you have other underlying medical conditions.


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