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do aloe vera gel expire

by Emma Watson

If you’ve ever wondered whether your aloe vera gel is still good, read on to find out.

You may have been told that aloe vera gel lasts up to one year on the shelf, but what does this actually mean? Well, it means that if kept at room temperature in a dry environment with low humidity and no direct sunlight exposure (like a cabinet), the shelf life of aloe vera gels can be increased to 365 days.
The active ingredients in aloe vera are polysaccharides and polypeptides like acemannan. These compounds also help prevent infections of burns or wounds and promote wound healing due to their antimicrobial properties.


How long do aloe vera gel expire? This depends on the active ingredient concentration. You can buy aloes with 5% or 10% of the active ingredients, but the longer you keep it, the stronger your gel is and the more benefits you bring its way.


You can store aloe vera in a cupboard/closet with an airtight lid to preserve it for longer. But make sure that your storage room is very dry and does not get direct sunlight—too much moisture will limit shelf life significantly.
Another way to prolong shelf life is to ensure that there are no leaks in your containers. Try not to buy old aloe vera products (older than one year, preferably)—they’re likely to have a higher potential of contamination.


If you are wondering what happens if aloe vera goes bad, and whether it’s still safe to use after its expiration date has passed, then the answer is: it’s completely safe! The same cannot be said for water-based gels; these should not be kept in the fridge for longer than two weeks.
If your aloe vera gel smells weird or tastes bitter, then throw it out. You can never be sure about whether it has gone bad or not. And this is particularly true if you are going to use it on your skin. Your aloe gel will lose its flavour and you will not be able to recognise the quality of your product, so it is better to throw it out than to use a possibly dangerous product.


Aloe vera gel is widely available in Pakistan, but there are lots of other products that come packaged with the same label. But how do you tell the difference? Well, your best bet is to look at the ingredients list that comes with each gel.

How Long Does an Aloe Vera Leaf Last?

If you have any one of these products, a better idea is to buy aloe vera gel that comes with the “100% aloe vera” stamp and logo (which means it contains all 100% aloe).
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What is the shelf life of aloe vera gel?
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Commenting on the study, Kevin Klatt, professor of nutritional science at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York (USA), said: “While it’s great aloe vera is so effective against infection, some people may be concerned that it could also have similar effects on their bodies. [However]…it seems unlikely that this would happen because other studies suggest that aloe vera contains very few potential mutagens.

Expiration of Aloe Vera Gel, Extract or Juice, Capsules

Aloe vera is a succulent plant that some people use to treat minor burns and irritations, digestive disorders or sunburn. The aloe vera plant contains several chemicals that may have medicinal effects, including acemannan and mucopolysaccharides.
However, aloe vera’s active ingredients may degrade during the process of extraction and storage, so not all aloe vera-based products provide the same medicinal effects.
Nick Kelley of Elmsford (USA) says: “I’ve been using Aloe Vera Gel for about 4 years and recently noticed that it has an expiration date on it.

Signs To Know Aloe Vera Has Expired

The main thing to know about an expired aloe vera product is that it will not be as effective at treating burns and irritations as a fresh product.
If the aloe vera plant’s active ingredients degrade significantly over time, the effectiveness of the final product decreases.
The shelf life of aloe vera products may vary depending on the source of extraction, packaging and storage conditions.
Older aloe vera products may even have a higher potential for contamination because bacteria can grow in improperly stored or sealed products.

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