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Elevate Your Users Beauty And Well-being Wherever They Are By Building Mindbody Clone App

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Give your customers beauty, health, and fitness on the go. The world has moved online and so does businesses. Earlier, having a website was important and now it’s a mobile app. On Demand, the app has helped businesses to stay afloat even in challenging times like COVID19. If you are looking for ways to build a prospering health and fitness app like Mindbody, you are on the right page.

With the on and off lockdown happenings, and social distancing become mandatory many gyms, fitness classes, salons had to close down. The only option left out is to develop a Health and Fitness app so that they can reach out to a wider customer base anywhere, anytime.

Let not your customer miss you. Develop Mindbody Clone Health & Fitness App to tap into a wider customer base, with Sky’s the only limit.

How Can Your Mindbody Clone Health & Fitness App Raise More Profits?

  • Your customers can find the best and nearest fitness class quickly. From hardcore cardio to yoga to best beauty salons and more can search quickly with few taps on your smartphone.
  • It lets your users choose from the exhaustive list of workout that are offering classes online and offline both. It makes it easy to book the class for those wishing to avoid the hassles of enrolling on the same day.
  • Your users get to explore and book for the new fitness workouts, latest haircut styles, beauty regimes, and more the app lets them schedule their bookings that fits their calendar.

Why You Should Develop Mindbody Clone Health & Fitness App?

Developing a new On-Demand health and fitness app is expensive. Also, it takes a lot of time as it has to go through various app development phases, testing, removing the bug errors, and more. It will take months to develop the right one. Instead, cloning a successful model like Mindbody is not only quick but easy on your pockets.

We have listed significant reasons why you should develop a Mindbody Clone App:

  • You will be provided with a white-label app solution compatible with IOS and Android source code for easy use
  • There will be a detailed front-end website for your users, in case if they wish to book an order through a website
  • A robust admin panel gives you a “God’s eye” view, offering full control over your business activities. You can approve, change, modify, or delete your business components how you like.
  • The Mindbody clone app is 100% customizable, comes with complete documentation and encrypted code.
  • The health and fitness clone app comes integrated with a secured payment gateway allowing multiple payment options to the users thus, they can pay accordingly. More payment modes can be customized.

Essential Features Of On-Demand Health & Fitness App

User panel

  • Social signup and login
  • Review category wise health/fitness and beauty services
  • Browse and choose the fitness class, stylists, or salon from a nearby location display
  • Book the class/ salon services
  • Schedule the appointment/ choose the preferred time slot
  • Integrated payment system
  • View past bookings
  • Rate the fitness class/ beauticians services
  • In-app chat facility

Fitness / Salon Owner

  • Register with email id
  • View users request
  • Take bookings/cancellations
  • Manage the service offerings
  • Schedule the beautician/ fitness class / enroll the user
  • View ratings and review
  • Manage to price
  • View overall business activities on a real-time basis

Admin Panel

  • Manage health/fitness/salon service providers and users
  • Manage marketing / promotional channels
  • Get real-time analytics and reporting
  • App monetization

Frequently Asked Questions

How MindBody Clone App Increase Bookings & Revenue?

Having a dedicated app for your business makes it easy for your customers to book and schedule appointments. With few clicks, they book the appointment regardless your physical store is closed. The app is open 24/7/365 days that gets you more customers and generate more income.

How The Health And Fitness Clone App Works For My Business?

Mindbody Clone App comes equipped with in-built customized features along with your design, images, and logo to go with. The mobile app developers sit with you in every discussion so that the app developed is unique and exactly how you want. The way you want to showcase your business, link to social media, highlight promos will be according to your business specifics.

How Push-notifications Can Enhance My Business?

It is a must-have feature in your app. Push-notifications allow the user to know more about your new features, services, featured service providers, special offers/deals, and more. It takes a few minutes to reach out to your masses that let them avail themselves of the fitness/health and beauty services quickly.

How Long Is The Wait Till The App Is Launched In The App Store/ Play Store?

For a professional app development company, the ultimate goal is to develop a successful app that is hassle-free to launch in the store. However, it takes teamwork that is responsible for design, logo, as well as business images that help an app company to quicken the app development. The sooner the better.

As an owner of a health and fitness or wellness business, you know that not only retaining but attracting new customers is tough. Especially, in this COVID19 where businesses are struggling to keep afloat. Fortunately, building On-Demand Mindbody Clone Health & Fitness App will not only minimize the hardships but get you ahead of the competition. Collaborate with a leading app development company to have a professional-level Mindbody Clone App developed. This readymade solution is genuine source code, making it scalable and open for customization suiting your business requirements.

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