Embrace This Yoga Posture To Obtain a Well Toned Body


Yoga is one of the best exercise forms, which enhances flexibility and calms down your mind and helps in toning the muscles and assists you in shaping up your body. It is one of the great ways as it is being practiced since the ancient period for staying healthy both mentally as well as physically.

Yoga postures consist of two folds, while some of the yoga poses assist in muscle strengthening, others use your body weight for muscle toning.

Practicing yoga gives you more benefits than working in a gym. You will indeed burn more calories when you do work out in the gym, but this heavy workout also causes stress in your bones, joints as well as muscles. But Yoga takes your body through some of the complicated emotions at whole range by releasing your stiff muscles without putting much pressure on your joints or your bones.

Have a look at some of the yoga postures that can assist you in getting close to your goal of getting a well-toned body along with a perfect shape and sturdy muscles.

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Embrace this yoga posture to obtain a well-toned body:

Bridge pose

The Sanskrit name is “Setu Bandhasana”, which mainly practices on an empty stomach. This posture helps strengthen the back, which also includes your upper back, glutes, and hamstrings.

It also has some other health advantages like curing insomnia, reducing stress, enhancing digestion, and enhancing blood circulation.

How to do it?

  • To start with, first of all, lie flat on your mat, keeping your feet flat on the floor.
  • While exhaling, move your body off from the floor by pressing your palm into the floor.
  • Keep your head and neck flat on the mat and the rest of your body in the air.
  • Keep this pose on hold for few breaths, and then repeat it at least times.

Plank pose

Plank pose is one of the strength training postures that functions well on all abdominal muscles, besides strengthening the chest, glutes, quadriceps and neck muscles. It also assists in burning the extra junk and processed food in your body.

How to do it?

  • Go to the push-up position and then put your forearms on your mat rather than your hands.
  • Tighten your abdomen by keeping the neck and the spine straight. Hold on to this position for at least seconds to one minute.
  • This pose works well on both the upper body as well as your glutes.

Downward facing dog position

The Sanskrit name of this position is Adho Mukha Svanasana. It seems like an easy pose, but it’s not that easy. This pose helps in toning the upper body, shoulders as well as hamstrings. This posture also helps lengthen, energize, and strengthen your muscles and is one of the best ways to ton your abdominal muscles.

How to do it?

Start doing this pose on your hands and knees while you stretch your elbow and keep your upper back relax. Spread your finger firmly through knuckles and palms. Start exhaling when you tuck your toes and lift your knees off from the floor while pressing the floor away from you as you start lifting through your pelvis.

Hold on to this position for about – minutes to get a perfect result from the exercise.

Cobra pose:

It is also called bujhangasana that makes your arms, shoulders, thighs and gluteal muscles strong. It also helps in toning your muscles and abdominal area. In simple terms, it assists in shaping the whole upper body as well as the spine.

Cobra pose assists in enhancing your posture. Keep practicing this pose daily as it also helps in refreshing your soul, mind and body.

 How to do it?

Start by lying on your stomach and keeping your arms resting on the mat next to your chest.

When you inhale, lift your chest and head up from the mat.

Hold on to this position for about seconds to one minute, and then inhale while lifting yourself.

 Boat pose

The boat pose, also called paripurna navasana, is one of the sitting poses. Its focus is on stretching as well as relaxing the abdominal muscle. It gives your belly a shape when you practice it daily. It also assists in enhancing blood circulation by burning off all extra fat present in your vein.

 How to do this pose?

Start with a seated pose by keeping your knees bent. Keep your hands resting beside your hips, and your feet should remain flat on the floor. Now lean back while keeping your spine straight and then lift your feet slowly. Now extend your arm in the forward direction by keeping your spine parallel to the floor.

Hold on to this position for about – seconds. The boat pose is one of the best poses for energizing the core.

 Warrior position

This is one of the best poses which you can learn in the online yoga teacher training course. It is required for enhancing the core strength and the whole lower body. It is also best for stretching the hips and thighs. To start with, take a big step back with the help of your right foot and then place the foot flat on the mat. Now roll your shoulders back and then lift your chest. Lift the arms, keeping your palms together. Hold on for about 8-10 breaths and then change the side.

Warrior 2: Another vital posture practiced in a 200 hour online yoga teacher training course. This stretches your hips and inner thighs and works very well on enhancing your body balance. It might also help in improving digestion and also gives relief from backaches.

How to do it?

Stand by keeping your feet one length apart from each other. Turn your left foot 90 degrees and your right foot 45 degrees. Bend your front knee and stretch your arms out to sides, and gaze over your right hand. Hold on for about 8-10 breaths, and then repeat it on the other side.


If you want a well-toned body make sure you include this yoga posture in your daily practices. When right and effective moves are put together, it’s easy to tone your muscles and shape the body at your home.

You need to maintain consistency in your practices and be specific about your eating habits. So, start with all these efficient yoga asanas to get the required physique and a toned body.

All these above yoga poses can be performed at home, and you might be doubtful about the results, but once you start with these postures, you will begin to see the results yourself.

You only need to be consistent with your practices and particular about your eating habits. So get started with this effective yoga asana to get your desired physique and a toned body!

Are you ready to initiate your yoga journey? Then it’s time to connect with one of the best yoga schools in Rishikesh.

Shape up your body, relieve stress and then obtain some energy. These easy yoga postures are perfect for beginners.

Performance of daily yoga not only strengthens your muscles but also enhances your level of energy, makes your body strong, improves your body flexibility and assist in getting rid of all extra jiggles.


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