Everything to Know About Eyebrow Micro Blading Procedure in Houston

Eyebrow Micro Blading in Houston

Filling in the brows takes a lot of time in your daily makeup routine. Now, you don’t have to do it anymore with eyebrow microblading in Houston. It is a process that involves tiny needles that scratches and leaves the pigment under your skin. It is a semi-permanent treatment for the brows.

Before rushing out, there are some things that you need to be clear about before getting the microblading treatment:

It Takes Two Sessions

This procedure needs two sessions to get the brows you want. The first session is where you decide the shape, color, curve, and definition of the brows. After the decision, the expert undergoes the initial treatment. Later on, the expert calls for a follow-up session after four to six weeks of the initial session. During this time, the skin heals from the previous session, and a new layer is formed that diminish the brow color.

The second session is mostly for touch-ups. The expert fills in any penned lines and adjusts the color according to your requirement. This two-part process during microblading in Houston ensures that you get brows you feel confident in.

It Is Different From Brow-Tattoo

The biggest misconception about micro-blading is that they are similar to brow tattoo, which isn’t correct. Micro-blading stays just on the surface rather than sinking in deep in the skin as a tattoo. Furthermore, the hair strokes are also thinner in comparison to brow tattoos. Another difference is the equipment used in the procedure. In microblading, the experts use a handheld needle device, whereas, for tattoo electrical gadget is used that infuses deep in the skin.

Also, this procedure is semi-permanent, which means the color will eventually fade away.

Anyone Can Have It

With the best microblading in Houston, TX, everyone is a candidate for this procedure. There are a couple of medical conditions where you have to ask for a doctor’s permission to get this treatment. It includes patients with cancer, hepatitis, and hemophilia.

We have seen many women asking the question, whether they can get this treatment during pregnancy or not. The experts at Anytime Pretty Time recommend the pregnant and nursing women avoid getting this cosmetic treatment.

The Procedure is 2-3 Hours Long

2-3 hours seems like a long time, but most of the session is to decide the details of the brow you want. Another reason the treatments last for this long is that it is customizable. The experts carefully pay attention to every detail, so you are happy with the results.

If the experts are rushing you in the selection process, it is better not to choose them for treatment as the results of micro-blading stay on the face for years.

It Is Semi-Permanent & Painless

Based on the care and maintenance schedule, the result of micro-blading stays for around one to three years. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about feeling pain during the treatment, as regardless of the needle used in the sensitive area, you will not feel any pain.

No doubt, you might feel slight discomfort, but that is almost painless and will not last for long. So, if you search for microblading near me, the procedure will go smoothly and pain-free.

It Requires Minimum Maintenance

The good thing about this procedure is that there is no downtime. You can go out right after the treatment, though the color will stay a bit solid for 2-3 weeks. Furthermore, the maintenance requirement is low. Some people often visit the experts every six months for the touch-up. But, it all depends on your choice.

Getting eyebrow microblading in Houston is a trend that every woman likes to follow. Before going in for your treatment, remember these things in deciding whether to get this treatment or not.

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