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Facial Feminization Surgery Before and After Results | Dr. Parag Telang

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ale and females are two genders that can be recognized and distinguished by noting their facial features. There are various medications, serums, lotions, creams, or other cosmetic products that can only temporarily fix the feminine facial looks. But for people who desire to look permanently like a female, a type of plastic surgery called facial feminization surgery is recommended. Facial feminization surgery is an umbrella term for a series of cosmetic surgeries to make alterations in the traditionally masculine faces to transform into a typically recognizable feminine facial appearance. One can know more about Facial feminization surgery India from Dr. Parag Telang, an international Facial Feminization Surgeon and he has performed more than 4,000 successful cosmetic and plastic surgeries at Designer Bodyz, Mumbai.

Read further to know details about chin and jawline surgery performed in India at Designer Bodyz by the top Facial Feminization Surgeon, Dr. Parag Telang.

Chin Feminization Surgery in India:

Gender of the chin– Men’s chins are fuller, chiseled, and square-shaped. They tend to have two pointed parts below the canine teeth and a flat portion in between as well as a more vertical height. In contrast, females possess a tapered chin appearance of less vertical height.

How to feminize the chin?

All the features of the chin like height, width, and even its projection can be modified based on the patient’s chin anatomy and the desired result. This is possible by chin recontouring surgery (also referred to as sliding genioplasty). The surgeon offers chin softening surgery to patients who wish to achieve a softer and more tapered lower face as defined in a feminine facial profile. In this surgery, general anesthesia is provided to the patient. The procedure involves the following steps:

  1. Making of an incision: To avoid visible scars, all the cuts are made inside the mouth (i.e. intraoral incisions).
  2. Sawing: Using a surgical saw-like instrument, the chin is cut from back to front on either side to separate a horseshoe shape of a chin bone.
  3. Height reduction: This is possible by having a slice of bone removed. It is done by making a parallel cut a few millimeters away from the earlier cut.
  4. Width reduction: To get a pointed chin in the middle, the mid-section of the horseshoe-shaped bone is removed.
  5. Chin setback or advancement: The chin is positioned finally by shifting the bone piece either backward or forward.
  6. Chin augmentation by placing implants
  7. Fixation: The chin is held permanently in its new place by using titanium screws and mini plates.
  8. Suturing: Lastly, the incision sites are closed with dissolvable stitches.

One can know more about Chin Reduction in India in detail they can visit at best plastic surgery clinic in India, Designer Bodyz.

Jawline Surgery In India:

Gender of the jaw- Typically, a masculine jaw is wider or square-shaped and has a heavier built because the muscles attached to jawbone corners are larger. In contrast, the female jawline has a gentle curve that extends from the earlobe to the chin.


How to feminize the jawline?

Jaw reduction surgery is the approach to feminize the jawline. The size and appearance of the jaw are reduced to make it rounder and narrower near the back of the jawbone. Usually, jaw reduction and chin recontouring surgery go hand-in-hand for the creation of a harmonious balance of the chin and jawline.

The jawline feminization surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure involves the following steps:

  1. Making of incisions: All the incisions needed to perform jaw reduction are intraorally made to avoid noticeable scars formation on the outside.
  2. Micro-saw: A micro-saw is used to cut the marked portions of the prominent jawbone that curves down from back to the front. This results in a well-rounded jawline contour.
  3. Suturing: Using, self-dissolvable threads, the wounded sites are closed.

Recovery of the chin and jawline FFS surgery:

After the surgery, the patient might need to stay overnight at the hospital. A compression bandage (in case of chin) may be applied for a few days to prevent hematoma. It is normal to expect some swelling and temporary numbness. Normal daily routine or work can be resumed within 2 weeks of the surgery while the strenuous activities must be avoided till the fourth week.

Facial Feminization Surgery Before and After Results are observed once the swelling subsides and this can take more than 10 weeks and after a few months one can observe the desired outcomes.


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