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Guide to Performing Dental Implants Treatment in Turkey

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Guide to Performing Dental Implants Treatment in Turkey

Dental implants in Turkey are almost the same than other parts of the world which include the process, kinds of implants and materials. Patients who need to perform dental implants in Turkey choose this destination for affordable pricing and quality treatment. You need to visit Turkey twice which can be in three months. Other than air travel, you will find that the cost is favourable and after you select the right dental clinic for you, you need not worry about anything as the clinic will take care of everything. Read on to know about dental implant procedure in Turkey. In this article, we will talk about all the details regarding a dental implant in Istanbul. From choosing the perfect clinic for you to the costs, your stay, and the cost of living in Istanbul.

Reasons to choose dental implant in Istanbul

Turkey is among the favourite destinations for patients who are looking for dental tourism. Some people worry about travelling to Turkey for their dental implant procedure and some reasons for it have been discussed below:

  • With large influx of medical tourists throughout the world, dentists possess extensive experience in treating patients of different cases and needs.
  • The cost of dental implants is suitable and convenient and it does not affect quality of the treatment.
  • There aren’t long waiting lists and you may book your treatment whenever you want;
  • You can select top quality dental implants and you will find affordable price in comparison to other countries in Canada, Europe and America;
  • You will visit Turkey and experience the history and beauty of the place

How to find a dental implant clinic in Turkey

When you decide to perform dental implant in Turkey, it is important to choose a good clinic that will be suitable for your need. Turkey is the perfect destination for your dental treatment to attain your healthy and perfect smile with quality services at affordable cost. Patients come from United States, Europe, Canada and Middle East for performing their implant treatment in Turkey and solve the problem of missing or lost teeth. Here are some tips in finding the right dental clinic in Istanbul.

  • Ask and view pictures of the dental clinic you have chosen. Check for up-to-date with dental equipments that have been designed carefully for the comfort of patient;
  • Enquire whether the clinic handles every step of the dental trip including accommodation, treatment and any visits to the city for foreign patients;
  • Ask if the dental clinic has many years of experience and check the dentist’s experience;
  • The dental clinic has a translator and an assistant who can translate from Turkish;
  • Select a clinic that has an affordable pricing for their services;
  • Enquire the clinic about Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery Department;
  • Search for a clinic that can answer all doubts, listen to your requirements and take care of your journey which includes before and after treatment;
  • See there aren’t any hidden costs;
  • Ask the clinic whether they have a transportation service that covers airport transport to the clinic and hotel.

How long will you stay in Turkey to perform dental implants?

To perform dental implant in Turkey, you require two trips to the place. The first will be 5 days in which there will be first surgery and implant operation for inserting the implant. You will come back after 3 months from dental surgery and then stay in Istanbul for 10 days. There won’t be further trips or plant maintenance needed after the first healing period which is two trips only.

How will you book after finding a good dental implant clinic in Turkey?

 It is very easy to schedule an appointment for dental implant treatment. All you have to do is find a good dentist and ask all questions you have in your mind. There will be questions related to medical record, your dental habits, photos of your teeth, X-rays of the area to treat and teeth condition. The dentist will ask you about your requirements and expectations at the time of performing the treatment.

After this, all the information will help him to evaluate your situation carefully. He then chooses the right treatment plan for your dental condition and communicate with you every detail of the procedure, treatment plan, travel information and overall cost. When you choose a dental clinic for undergoing the treatment in Turkey, they will organize every part of the treatment journey for you.

Starting from accommodation, airport transfers, and transport in Istanbul, this ensures you can achieve your perfect smile with dental implant procedure.

How to find a trustworthy dental implant surgeon in Turkey

The Turkish dentists have large influx of patients which enables them to gather knowledge and experience of different cases. They systematically control the clinics that have become medical tourism centres and guarantee highest standards with maximum satisfaction for those travelling to Turkey for dental tourism.

How much dental implants cost in Turkey?

The cost of full mouth dental implants (for 13 implants) in Turkey is £13, 260.  There is the facility of 5 star hotel accommodation with breakfast for both visits. You get all transfers from and to the airport, hotel and clinic. The price of all on 4 dental implants starts from €5310 (Silver package) in Turkey. Speak with your dentist about teeth implants cost in Turkey at the time of performing it.

Why dental implants are inexpensive in Turkey?

Dental implants treatment in Turkey are inexpensive due to several reasons and this is mainly related to the Turkish economy. These facilities are inexpensive for the foreigners who visit Turkey to perform their dental treatment. The 5 factors which can influence the price of the treatment and make it affordable are:

  • Importance of medical tourism
  • Living standard
  • Higher competition
  • Exchange of currency
  • Government aids

When you visit Turkey from different countries that have currencies like dollars, euros or pounds, the exchange rate will be completely in your favour. Due to this reason, the prices offered by the dental clinics will be extremely inexpensive to you while they won’t be cheap for the ones who have hard currencies. The medical tourism in Turkey brings higher number of patients coming to Turkey for performing dental implant treatment. These higher number of cases makes the market highly competitive and profitable. It is quite possible to produce top-grade dental materials for a fraction of the price.

How will you pay for dental implants in Turkey?

If you are worried about making the payment, then there are two possible options for dental implants in Turkey. Both of them are easier and safer payments method accepted in Turkey:

  • Cash: There is the facility of accepting cash payments. So, you will be able to pay easily with euro, pound or dollar. You need not convert in Turkish Lira.
  • Credit Card: Instead of carrying cash while travelling to Turkey for dental treatment, you can opt for using a credit card. Before visiting Turkey, contact the clinic to know if credit card is acceptable or not.

Are there any hidden costs with dental implants treatment in Turkey?

There won’t be any additional costs except during emergencies that require immediate medical attention. Due to this reason, it is advisable that you remain honest and do not hide any important information when performing dental implants in Turkey.

Thus, teeth implants in Turkey can solve the problem of missing teeth. Moreover it will enable you to perform the treatment at a cheaper price.

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