Habits that might be putting your baby at risk

Habits that might be putting your baby at risk
Habits that might be putting your baby at risk

Parenting is akin to walking on eggshells. This journey of apprehension mixed with struggle to do right starts off from pregnancy, although the responsibility mainly falls on the shoulders of women. During pregnancy, not only the female body is enduring a lot and undergoing stress, but the baby is also in a rather fragile state. As the baby is being developed, the mother’s diet and actions directly influence the growth.

Therefore, any misstep by the mother can have grave implications for the health of the baby. New mothers should thus always discuss their qualms and questions with their Gynecologist in Lahore. Some things that your doctor might also warn you against include:


Smoking is hard on the body on the usual days, but especially during pregnancy. Not only is mother’s body damaged, but baby’s life gets jeopardized as well. 22% cases of SUIDs (sudden unexpected infant deaths) in the USA are on account of maternal smoking.

Smoking as little as one cigarette can double the chances of SUIDs in the infants. Therefore, women who are trying to get pregnant should wean themselves off cigarettes. During pregnancy, even if they have significantly cut back on smoking, still resorting to it still, no matter how small the quantity, will put their baby in peril.


You may be sad about letting go of your morning cup of coffee, but do not give into your impulse until after delivering (and nursing) the baby. Consuming more than 200-300mg daily can harm your pregnancy.

Caffeine, when taken in greater quantities, can lead to increased chances of miscarriage. Other complications can also occur as a result.

Many women think that coffee or tea is the only source of caffeine, but there are other items that also contain this compound. These include green tea, soft drinks like coke and even chocolate has got some.

Therefore, make sure that you are monitoring your caffeine consumption. Even decaf alternatives should taken in moderation.


There are a lot of myths around drinking during pregnancy. The confusion persisting around how may glasses allowed has caused many women to test at the limits. With the demarcation that a large amount of alcohol needs to be consumed for fetal alcohol syndrome, women work under the assumption that they leeway to consume little here and there.

Habits that might be putting your baby at risk
Habits that might be putting your baby at risk

However, unfortunately, even little quantities can harm the body of the baby. Alcohol gets passed directly off to the fetus. Baby cannot process alcohol, that then persists for longer time in the baby’s body. This then has implications for the development of the nervous system of the baby.

The damage rendered by alcohol also includes physical and mental disabilities. It also hampers the emotional health of the baby.

Certain foods

Women who are pregnant have to be cautious about their diet. Not only they should cut back on empty calories like those in processed and sugary foods, but they also need to steer clear of certain foods at all costs.

Fish with mercury like swordfish, unpasteurized cheese and milk, uncooked meat and any other raw meals. They not only harm the immune system, but also carry the risk of salmonella.


Whether it be over the counter pills, or prescription medications, both can directly influence the health of your baby. Therefore, only take the pills that approved by your doctor. Moreover, during a visit to the doctor, be sure to tell them about your pregnancy, so the prescription is drafted accordingly.

Even herbal remedies should not use unless approved otherwise by your doctor. Many think that since herbal is natural, hence, its safe. This misconception can have severe repercussions for the baby.

So, any medication or supplements must be first approved by your OB-GYN.

Electric Blanket

You might like cuddling in the warmth of your electric blanket, but that’s not good for the baby. An electric blanket releases electromagnetic radiation that can harm the development of the baby.

Skipping visits to the doctor

It is pertinent for pregnant women to keep up with their doctor’s appointments. These serve to regularly check the health of the mother and the baby, and therefore allow for timely intervention, if need be.

Thus, make sure that you show up at all the appointments scheduled with the Best Gynecologist in Karachi. Your body during pregnancy is in a rather fragile state, so, do not make light of the situation, even if it is not your first pregnancy.

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