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Hair Transplant Cost in Abu Dhabi: Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi

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Hair transplant Cost in Abu Dhabi

Baldness, welcome to thicker hair!

Losing hair is acceptable because that is how hair development occurs—old hair falls out and new hair grows in. If your hair is falling out quickly, should you be concerned? You should, indeed. Consider cosmetic operations if your scalp is losing more hair than it is growing since, over time, your scalp may start to show more bald spots.

Consider our Hair Transplant Cost in Abu Dhabi Clinic if you currently have scalp regions where hair no longer grows. We are Abu Dhabi’s top-rated hair transplant facility. Let’s now talk about how our surgical hair restoration functions.

A hair transplant is what?

Hair follicles from one area of the patient’s head are moved to another area through the surgical and invasive procedure known as hair transplantation. In other words, the patient’s bald spot receives hair follicles from a donor site.

Prior to surgery, a local anesthetic is used to prevent discomfort and inconvenience. Bleeding and discomfort are two negative effects of the procedure. The treatment has a high success rate when carried out in accordance with the guidelines.

This procedure is typically used on those who have a receding hairline or persistent hair loss. One of the best hair transplants is what we offer. Our standards for quality and safety are unmatched. We collaborate with some of the top hair transplant surgeons.

FUE Hair Transplant Results:

People who are experiencing hair loss frequently query the durability of hair transplantation. Hair will grow healthily and persistently if it is donated to a scalp area that lacks hair. Due to their frequent pattern of baldness, some individuals do require more than one hair transplant.

With the right aftercare, patients will quickly experience beneficial benefits from their treatment. But it all depends on the clinic a person picks. In addition, we provide hair transplants. If you want to have this treatment done in Abu Dhabi, please get in touch.

Good Candidates:

Women and men can both receive hair transplants at the Abu Dhabi clinics. This operation can be planned by anyone dealing with baldness, alopecia, head trauma, or a receding hairline. But in order to be a good candidate for a hair transplant, there are significant factors to take into account first.

Good applicants typically possess:

sufficient donor hair
good health
persistent baldness
serious issues with hair thinning

Types of Hair Transplantation:

There are various techniques that can be used to transfer hair from one part of the skin to another. You can pick the option that appeals to you the most. There are three different kinds of hair transplantations. Look below to verify them:

Hair Follicle Transplant (FUT)
Hair Follicle Extraction (FUE)
PRP Hair Loss Treatment Robotic Hair Transplant

Follicular unit transplant:

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT): During this procedure, the surgeon uses a knife to remove a section of the scalp, usually from the sides of the head. The excised patch might extend from one ear to the other, but it usually measures 6 to 10 inches long. To close the wound, sutures are utilised.

They could split the chunk up into as many as 2,000 smaller grafts. In some of these transplants, there may only be one hair. The doctor will next transfer hair into tiny holes he or she has created on the treated region using a scalpel or knife.


The FUT hair transplant results in a painless and scarless procedure, but it must be done by a skilled surgeon.
Due to the utilization of a safe donor location to obtain the graft, the transplanted hair lasts forever and acts much like natural hair in terms of color, quality, texture, and length.
It makes it easier to use the strip excision technique to obtain several grafts in a single session.
In the field of Hair Transplant, choosing the FUT is a cost-effective option. The scalp’s incision sites are patched using an advanced technique called as the Trichophytic closure, which provides the surgery’s most unnoticeable result.
After the surgery, the recuperation time is completed in 10 to 15 days.

FUE Hair Transplant:

The FUE hair transplant is a contemporary technique since it uses cutting-edge technology to assist in the extraction procedure and a random way to remove one hair root at a time.
Three examples of cutting-edge technology utilized regularly in FUE hair transplants in Abu Dhabi are robotics, ARTAS, and Neo-graft. These extraction tools are employed, and they may have an impact on the recommended number of receiving grafts.
In one month, the healing process can be completed.


Body hair transplantation (BHT), which includes brow, chest, and mustache hair transplants, can be done with the help of the FUE technique.
The FUE technique is a direct transplantation approach that completes the surgical task in a single procedure, regardless of the amount of time that permits a surgeon to randomly remove roots.

Robotic Hair Transplant:

The vast majority of individuals think about ARTAS hair transplant or robotic hair transplant for better control and precision in graft harvest. To more accurately pinpoint follicular units in the donor area, it makes use of a computer arm and a computerized mapping system.

Benefits & Side Effects of Hair Transplant:

Surgical hair restoration is one of the top options for people trying to improve the appearance of the scalp since it provides a solution that is more durable and produces results that look more natural.

We’ll go through some of the benefits and drawbacks of getting a hair transplant procedure below.


No subpar outcomes
minimally harmful
needles are not always necessary
absolutely secure

Negative effects:

can result in temporary swelling, bruising, and pain.
Additional risks include allergic reactions.
Not all people can gain from it.


Hair transplants typically don’t cause discomfort, but some patients do experience some soreness afterward. A qualified surgeon will discuss pain management strategies with you beforehand and provide you with a specific prescription that you can use to treat the soreness.

Options to hair transplantation:

The non-surgical hair transplant possibilities in Abu Dhabi include:

PRP Injections, Minoxidil Laser Therapy, and SMP (Scalp Micro-pigmentation)

Cause of Hair Loss:

Hair loss causes include hereditary and environmental factors.
using various chemical products, such as hairsprays and gels
hormone adjustments
the negative consequences of any drug
the negative impact of any illness
any damage


The Following Deciding Criteria Affect the Price of FUE Hair Transplants:

The Norwood scale, which is divided into seven categories, is used to determine the amount of baldness. The cost of a hair transplant will rise if you have a higher grade of baldness, such as grade V, VI, or VII because you will require more hair roots or grafts to cover the damaged area.

The Necessary Amount of Grafts/Follicular Units:

The number of retrieved grafts determines how much a Hair Transplant in Abu Dhabi will cost, thus the cost per graft is important in the restoration process and plays a major part in cost estimation. Each graft costs an average of AED 6900 in Abu Dhabi, with a maximum cost of AED 14500.

The surgeon’s knowledge:

A major determining factor in price is the level of surgical skill and creative finesse needed to accomplish the attractive hair transplant procedure.
The patient’s hair’s kind and physiology In actuality, the kind, texture, and quality of the patient’s hair arguably influence the cost of the hair transplant.

The hairline design and density:

Based on the patient’s preferences for the specific density, coverage areas, and hairline, the surgeon chooses the specific number of grafts to meet the patient’s needs, which ultimately affects the cost of the hair transplant.

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