How Do Training in BJJ Aid Your Health?


How Do Training in BJJ Aid Your Health?

As you are well aware of the fact that there are myriad benefits to training in all styles of martial arts, but you may not know that there are even greater benefits to training in BJJ. From learning self-defense, improving fitness, losing copious amounts of excess weight to enhancing your coordination, BJJ enriches your life in more ways than you can imagine. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu draws more people than other martial arts because BJJ is more than just a sport; more than a professional martial arts BJJ is a way to change your life. 

This most popular, most potent, and effective self-defense technique of this planet involves a wide set of skills, some sort of joint locks, or hold that can subdue any opponent irrespective of his age, gender, and size. Today, we are sharing just a few of some amazing health and fitness benefits of BJJ you probably didn’t know about.

Some physical benefits of training in BJJ:

Ward off obesity and its associated ailments:

Obesity and its associated diseases are spreading rampantly because of the culture of eating unhealthy foods and an inactive lifestyle. To overcome this disastrous situation, many people are trying different methodologies and ways to maintain or gain a healthy weight. There is no solution as effective as BJJ in this regard; training in BJJ makes you fitter and more athletic, perhaps increases your flexibility and gives you an overall much better shape. 

Yes, the BJJ curriculum involves teaching you how to roll, how to master various techniques, transitions, and submissions but it also is a great way to burn copious amounts of fats. Additionally, you can save yourself from ailments like heart attack, hypertension, diabetes, and some types of cancers by training in BJJ regularly. 

Improved physical abilities:

You can improve endurance with physical activities like running, biking, and swimming. But BJJ is the most effective and fun way to improve your aerobic endurance. Also, BJJ is a good way to build strength, and unlike weight lifting, you won’t even need to pick up any dumbbells for enhancing your strength. Your BJJ training in your BJJ spat pants includes a lot of grappling, which builds strength throughout your entire body. 

Furthermore, in BJJ training, you’ll create positions different from your everyday life and these unfamiliar movement patterns can result in increased flexibility. All in all, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a full-body workout that improves your functional fitness. Training your upper and lower body ameliorates your fitness that you will carry over into your daily life to make your everyday activities easier to do. Finally, being more physically active during the day leads to a boost in your energy. So, BJJ is an excellent activity to improve your physical health.

Mental and emotional benefits of BJJ:

Teaches consistency: 

Beyond physical improvements discussed earlier that come as a result of BJJ, there are some mental improvements that are often overlooked. And among these improvements, the first one is that it teaches you to be consistent in your life to achieve your goals. While learning some BJJ techniques, you must practice it over and over. Applying that technique is even more challenging; you need to practice each move for months, sometimes years to successfully apply that technique. 

Walking into a BJJ class after spending months mastering a technique, and being crushed every day is not a good feeling. But walking in the next day and trying it again is a good feeling. The mental strength to keep pushing even when things are going against you will show up in other areas of your life outside of the gym. 

Helping with mental challenges:

Everything and always doesn’t go our way in the gym or in life. This increases our stress level and to overcome this stressful feeling, people often try medications that provide quick relief with lots of side effects. BJJ is also very helpful in relieving your stress. Furthermore, while training in BJJ you always pay close attention to the moves of your opponent which is a good way to improve your focus.  

Moreover, the feeling of depression, anxiety, and aggression are also very common depending on our daily experiences. During rolling and drilling, you can take all those negative feelings out and release your frustration on the mat. After a BJJ session, you will feel better and relaxed.


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