How FUE Hair Transplantation Achieves Natural Looking Results


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) refers to a technique of hair restoration that offers significant benefits compared to traditional techniques. It involves harvesting healthy hair follicles from a healthy donor area and transplanting them to balding areas of the scalp. This results in real growth hair naturally and permanently. The newer FUE techniques use more modern techniques of harvesting donor hair.

To perform an FUE hair transplant, the doctor or health professional carefully extracts follicular units directly from the scalp using an automated device. It is usually completed after performing several tiny, round incisions or punctures scattered throughout the donor area.

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How does FUE differ from the FUT method?

FUT or follicular unit transplantation is the traditional method of hair transplants where the medical professional removes a strip of scalp from the back of the patient’s head. This area is then closed with stitches. The FUT method is only meant for bigger transplants compared to FUE. FUT is also recommended for patients with a loose scalp. Tight scalps do not allow the strip to be removed from the skin comfortably.  However, the FUE method can be performed on both scalp types.

Scarring is another area where both the methods differ. In the case of a FUT hair transplant, the removal of the strip of hair will result in a linear scar. On the other hand, an FUE hair transplant produces minimal scarring, sometimes appearing as small dots. This is one of the reasons why individuals undergoing FUT hair transplants usually grow their hair longer to cover the aforementioned linear scars.

Ultimately, the choice between choosing FUE and FUT depends on the patient. However, by choosing FUE, the patient will have a chance to take advantage of the latest technological innovations in hair restoration. Selecting the FUE method for the highest degree of success

The technique that the doctor uses to harvest the donor’s hair is crucial as it has a major impact on the outcome of the procedure. Choosing the FUE procedure has some pronounced benefits such as:

  • Limited scarring

FUE does not involve linear scarring or stitches, unlike traditional methods. While both the techniques produce some degree of scarring, the prominence and appearance of the scars are different. The donor area typically is filled with circular scars throughout which are so small that they can be easily hidden with short hair or even a shaved head. This is possible as punch blades less than 1mm in diameter are used to extract the follicle units. It is thus, removed in a more natural pattern which helps in recovery.

  • Advanced technology for hair restoration

FUE transplants are performed using the latest innovations in hair restoration, resulting in a quicker, cleaner and superior process. It also makes it less invasive for the patient, making it possible for more precise hair transplants.

  • Level of discomfort

Patients normally experience much less discomfort post operation compared to traditional methods. The procedures have a high rate of success with very rare complications. Performed by a professional practitioner will result in minimal downtime. Patients can return to work and resume normal activities within a few days.

  • Affordability

FUE procedures offer greater affordability and cost-flexibility, allowing patients to have a greater number of hair follicles extracted in a single session. The cost of the procedure is usually based on the number of grafts performed on a patient to patient basis.

  • Boosted confidence

Losing hair can have serious negative consequences on one’s self-confidence. Not only can it socially impact one’s life but also trigger anxiety, depression, and other emotional conditions. In extreme cases, it can lead to social anxiety issues and isolation. Performed by a good doctor who knows the emotional impact of hair loss, FUE transplants can provide the comfort as well as the confidence needed to live a normal life again.


FUE hair transplant procedures are the latest innovations in hair restoration. But results can differ due to the quality of doctors and medical professionals performing the procedure. To ensure one has the most natural results, one should always conduct proper research and choose clinics which have professionals with several years of experience and satisfied patients.



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