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Around the salary of doctors and professionals of health in general it is always a certain curiosity. In some cases, in fact, we want to know how much those who take care of us and our health perceive even 24 hours a day, in others instead we aim only to assess whether this profession can be suitable for our future from an economic point of view. First of all, we understand what categories of doctors exist, and from there how the salaries received can be different based on the role and responsibilities.


In any evaluation, it is always good to remember that we are talking about an activity that requires a lot of commitment, as well as a good personal predisposition, and that can be exercised only after a long and demanding training course, which among other things not everyone can access. Access to this course of study is in fact subject to an admission test, designed to verify the general preparation of the subject.


What affects a doctor’s salary?


If you have finished studying and want to pursue a career as a doctor, read this article to clarify your ideas. Despite the difficulties and the awareness of not being able to have valid numbers in general, we try to understand what the salary received by a doctor in recent years is indicative. The first thing to do is to always be aware of the fact that the salary changes according to the specific role played by the professional.


A medical base, a primary hospital, a hospital doctor, one who works in the public sector, one active in the private sector, for example, have salaries that may be different from each other really depends on whether or shots of seniority and possible specializations.


How much does a doctor earn per year?


In general, however, it is possible to say that the medical professions have not suffered the lowering of wages that has instead affected many other sectors and many other categories. Doctors were therefore not affected by the crisis and this thanks to its being linked to a primary good, which is health. To get an idea, which still remains indicative, it is possible to rely on the report released a couple of years ago which analyzes the salaries declared by the doctors enrolled in ENPAM.

According to the data released in 2015, an average would receive an average of 65,000 euros gross each year, with a trend that over time has not been affected by particular downward fluctuations. The average salary is usually never less than 2,000 euros and is at most around 3,000 euros. In the presence of management figures, the salary increases to reach 4,500 euros per month.

How much does a general practitioner earn? Salary and calculation

The situation is different when we talk about general practitioners. In this case, in fact, the earnings are proportional to the number of clients. This figure usually cannot exceed 1,500 units. Those with fewer than 500 patients will be able to benefit from 70 euros per patient per year, with a contribution that is reduced to 50 euros in the case of more patients. In general, however, the salary is hardly placed below 3,500 euros.

To this figure, it is necessary to add contributions related to the presence of particular patients (for example those over 75 who need assistance at home) or particular situations (for example availability ). On the other hand, all expenses related to the management of the doctor’s office, staff, and the necessary equipment must be subtracted. All the figures, it should be stressed again, are in turn influenced by seniority, degree of responsibility, over time, any holiday and night shifts.

How much does a resident doctor earn and what path to take?

Another important factor that needs to be considered. To access this profession, in addition to the entrance exam to the degree course and the degree itself, it is also necessary to follow a specialization course and pass the related exam. The salary begins to be received already in the specialization phase.

In this period the future medical student already earns more than 1,700 euros according to what is reported by the blogs of the sector. In particular, the figure would be linked to a fixed amount of 22,700 gross euros per year, to which 2,300 gross euros must be added for the first 2 years and 3,300 for the following ones.

To access the “salary” the trainee must be employed full time for 38 hours a week, with the possibility of taking advantage of 3 0 days of vacation. During this time the subject will have to engage in substitution of doctors of medicine generally, in activities medical service bank holiday or night, in various types of operations that can predict the presence of a doctor in charge. Attention, however, from the amount received it is necessary to subtract the university fees, insurance taxes, and all the expenses related to the course itself. Under certain conditions, you can have access to grants and scholarships.


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