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How Should One Choose A Cosmetic Surgeon

by Lasercosmesis
Cosmetic Surgeon in Mumbai

Cosmetic surgery is a significant, life-altering decision. Sometimes it takes years of patience before one harps upon the idea of getting it done. Nowadays, more and more people than ever are going in for plastic surgery. Recent data indicates that around 17.5 million cosmetic plastic surgeries are carried out annually in the US. The process of finding a qualified plastic surgeon to whom patients can entrust their care can seem a little overwhelming, despite the fact that getting plastic surgery has gotten more accessible and more frequent. The safety and success of plastic surgery depend on the right surgeon.  

Search terms like “best plastic surgeon near me” or “top rated plastic surgeons near me” on Google can turn up many surgeon choices, but how do patients choose?

Patients can benefit greatly from having a solid set of minimal requirements. An excellent place to start screening possible surgeons is with the following checklist, suggested by the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai, Thane, Dr. Medha Bhave. 

The skilled doctor has recorded a few essential sets of criteria one should follow before choosing a plastic or cosmetic surgeon. 

1- Request referrals from friends, family members, and acquaintances who have had plastic surgeries done.

First, think about the loved ones. Anyone who has had work done? Reach out to them for advice if one feels safe doing so. According to Dr. Medha Bhave, an expert plastic surgeon in Mumbai, “A trusted friend or family member can give one an honest review of the entire procedure, from the meeting with the doctor and the surgery itself to the recovery process.”

Don’t know anyone personally? Ask around for a connection. Start with friends or acquaintances who may work in health care. The top surgeons are known to other medical professionals, and they are always willing to suggest them. This way, one can start by making a list of surgeons one can consider. 

2- Check Each Plastic Surgeon’s Credentials & Experience.

Got a few choices? Great. Make sure they  are fully qualified to carry out the surgery one wants. A background check on the surgeon is essential and should include education, credentials, and work experience. 

Plastic surgeons should also have appropriate experience and be able to provide examples of real-world outcomes for potential patients. Seek to see before-and-after pictures of the work performed by likely surgeons.

3- Ratings from Previous Clients

Before selecting a plastic surgeon, learning about the experiences of previous clients will help one have a better grasp of what others think of the doctor’s approach and level of patient care. This is in addition to viewing before and after pictures. Credible plastic surgeons will consistently receive excellent ratings and evaluations from their patients.

4- Strict Observance of Safety Regulations

Furthermore, a competent plastic surgeon would adhere to strict and rigid patient safety regulations. It is a sign that a surgeon has maintained a suitable and high degree of medical education, including in patient safety, and is following a set of standards and technologies for ensuring their patient’s safety. 

5- Get More Than One Consultation

When looking for a good plastic surgeon in a nearby area, it’s best to choose multiple plastic surgery centres in the area to have a consultation at. One should know not only the surgeon himself/herself but also interact with the staff and environment to see if it’s to one’s liking. If one walked into a surgery centre and saw rude staff, one would walk out immediately. Surgery is a big deal, and one should be 100% comfortable with the team behind the surgery. In theory, one is at a consultation to interview the surgeon’s centre, not the surgeon interviewing them. Do not be fooled by sales pitches; instead, the patient should use their judgement when determining whether or not this is the right surgeon for the job. Always look for second and third opinions. Take a day and go out and visit the top 3 choices, and one can break down their choice from there, says the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Medha Bhave.

6- Comprehensive Patient Consultations

Plastic surgeons should always provide a thorough consultation. The consultation should consider the patient’s aesthetic objectives, particular anatomy, medical background, and lifestyle. Patients will look for a surgeon who takes the time to understand their medical needs, can be honest about what they can expect, and can help them plan for and anticipate the recovery process.

7- Select the Most Appropriate Operating Facility

This is equally crucial when selecting a plastic surgeon. The environment in which one gets operated on matters significantly to the outcome, whether it’s a major or minor treatment. Choose a plastic surgeon who is using advanced technologies and following advanced safety protocols at their clinic, one like at the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai, Lasercosmesis, where they offer to perform simple as well as complicated procedures with adequate emergency supplies. A surgeon with cutting-edge technologies and excellent facilities is more likely to provide the best results. 

8- Warning Signs

  • The surgeon doesn’t truly listen to anyone throughout the consultation and provides them with answers that apply to everyone.
  • The doctor starts criticizing other areas of one’s physique and attempts to get one to have more surgeries.
  • The doctor assures one that the procedure one is thinking about has no dangers or side effects. Surgery is always risky. So that the patient can make an informed decision, the surgeon should tell the patient what results could be expected and what side effects could happen after the surgery.
  • The surgeon offers substantial discounts. Why, might one ask? Plastic surgeons base their fees on demand, facilities, expertise, and experience.
  • A surgeon who won’t participate in postoperative and follow-up care.
  • A surgeon who is impatient and rushes patients to decide on the procedure in a non-sterile setting.

If one has any additional questions or concerns about getting cosmetic surgery, book a consultation at Lasercosmesis, the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai, Thane. The skilled surgeon, Dr. Medha Bhave, is MCh – Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, DNB – Plastic Surgery, MS – General Surgery, DNB – General Surgery, with an overall 25 years of experience. The services provided at the clinic include rhinoplasty, facelift, liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction, gynecomastia, thigh lift/reduction, and many more. 

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