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How to Keep Your Home Safe and Healthy for Your Family

by frankrobertson030

It can be such a drag to clean up everything in the house and constantly maintain it. But this is an important part of everyday life, and it becomes all the more important when you get a family and need to take care of their health as well. With this in mind, we are gonna go over some of the best ways of keeping your home safe and healthy for the family members. Let’s get right into it.


1) Wipe the Table After Every Meal

We are going to start off simple. After you have a meal, it doesn’t cost you almost any time to simply get a disinfection spray, spray it over the table, and wipe. If you make a habit out of keeping the surfaces clean and tidy, you won’t have any worries over invasive germs piling up. Keeping them free of dirt will also make the air lighter and make the room feel tidier.

2) Keep the Shoes Near the Door

One huge health and cleanliness upgrade in your home is keeping all of the shoes at the entrance of the house. This should not be a rule for your family members but for occasional guests as well. All it takes is for your imagination to go wild when you think about where the people that walk into your house have been and what they have been walking over in the city. The shoes bring in so many germs that will pose a health risk to all of the people living inside the house. With this in mind, you can make a rule for everyone to leave their shoes at the entrance. Get a shelf so that people can leave the footwear on them. Storing shoes is pretty easy, so there won’t be any issues here. You don’t need an entire business plan for managing shoe storage.

3) Wash the Dishes Right After a Meal

Pilling up dirty dishes after you all finish a meal can be an extremely unhealthy habit, as it serves as a welcome sign for all kinds of germs to come. Your sponge should not be excluded considering a study has shown that more than 75% of sponges have traces of Salmonella. There is also the psychological factor of piling up dirty dishes. When you see that huge bundle of unclean dishes, you immediately get destimulated and opt to clean the dishes later instead. When exactly is later, nobody knows. If you wash the dishes immediately after you have had a family meal, you assure that the environment remains clean and safe for cooking.

4) Prioritize Taking Out the Trash

At first, you would think that not taking out the trash every day is no big deal, right? That is what a lot of people get wrong. No matter the trash size in your basket, you should dispose of your trash every single day. The leftover trash that you leave in the basket attracts rodents and insects to its location. This is the last thing that you want happening. So, in order to keep your house squeaky clean and free of insects, you need to get in the habit of frequently taking out the trash. Not to mention, you also wake up every day to fresh and clean air.

5) Regularly Maintain Hygiene in the Kitchen

It might surprise you, but the kitchen is the room that has the most bacteria in the house. Studies have shown that the kitchen is the largest breeding ground for bacteria and stands as a contamination hazard for everyone in the house. Your kitchen rags, sponges, towels, and coffee filters are all top holiday destinations for all kinds of germs. To make things worse, there is a high possibility of getting insects around the sink and fridge. And if this occurs, it will be a lot harder to get rid of them than it would be to maintain hygiene in the kitchen in the first place. Fortunately, in the case that you do get an infestation, you call up the pest control experts from Cairns. They provide excellent services that will fix the problem in no time.

The kitchen remains a place where you are very likely to transfer a virus, so stick to a couple of regular methods to minimize the risks.

  • Before you touch anything in the kitchen, wash your hands. This is especially important if you’ve been outside before coming into the kitchen.
  • Maintain kitchen hygiene by regularly wiping down kitchen surfaces. This includes tabletops, counters, as well as any other surfaces that you or any of your family members frequently touch or use.
  • Squeeze the sponge tightly after each use, and place the sponge in the dishwasher at a high temperature during a drying circle.

6) Everyone Should Be In Charge of Something

You are just a human, sometimes, it can be too much to be in charge of every single chore in the house, and you will, undoubtedly, not be able to finish everything. This is why there needs to be a division of labor in the house. If you give everyone something to do, no matter how small, you will see how much more you are able to achieve around the house. Not to mention, teaching your children how to adequately perform housework will be incredibly useful for both their future and yours. You can start out with small things like putting away the coats and dirty clothes and then work their way up to washing the dishes and making the table. You will need to watch over your kids for the first couple of weeks (depending on their age), but things will start looking better in no time.

That would be it for today. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have gotten some good ideas on how to improve health at home for the whole family. Till next time!

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