How to Keep Your Weight in Check After VSG Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight Loss Surgery

While VSG weight loss surgery or any other form of bariatric surgery is effective in losing weight, keeping the weight maintained after the surgery is a whole different story. Even if your weight loss surgery was a success and you lost excess fat, the weight loss benefits can be lost if you are not careful. In fact, you can end up gaining weight within a year or so after the bariatric surgery if you don’t take proper care.

So, if you are one of those who are about to get weight loss surgery and are worried about regaining weight later on, you aren’t alone. Weight loss clinics such as LI Obesity Surgery often get patients that are worried about regaining weight after the surgery. This article will tell you some ways to keep your weight in check after a weight loss surgery.

Why might weight increase again after your weight loss surgery in Long Island?

Weight gain is a possibility even after getting a weight loss surgery in Long Island or anywhere in the US. A common misconception that you are immune to getting obese again after bariatric surgery can’t be further from the truth. Patients might end up regaining weight after the surgery because they don’t properly manage their diet post-surgery.

\After the weight loss procedure, they are required to eat small portions of meals; however, as their stomach finishes healing after a few months, they can eat different foods. They start falling off their diet plan and adopting unhealthy eating habits. Eating, even when you feel full, eating too much, and eating too many unhealthy foods, is a significant cause of weight regain after surgery.

So, in short, the reasons that caused you to become overweight in the first place before the surgery are the ones that can cause you to regain weight after the surgery.

Guidelines for preventing weight regain after bariatric surgery

You have probably seen a lot of VSG surgery before and after pictures online, and you might think that the weight loss shown in the images can be accomplished simply from the surgery. However, it is a combination of weight loss surgery and post weight loss surgery routine and habits that bring lasting weight loss results. With that being said, here are some ways you can keep your weight from regaining after your surgery:

Don’t take too much sugar: Sugar doesn’t have any nutrients to offer; however, what it does has is the ability to increase your urge to eat more and raise your blood sugar. When your goal is to lose weight, then hunger pangs are the last thing you want. So it is a good idea to stay away from overly sugary foods after your weight loss surgery.

Avoid drinking too much water while eating: If you drink too much water while eating, it can flush away food from your stomach that has been made smaller through surgery. Since the food gets flushed and your stomach gets filled with too much water, it can cause you to feel hungry again.

Avoid snacking: Snacking often is one of the significant reasons for weight gain. When you are eating processed snacks, it can quickly cause you to gain weight again after the surgery. So it is a good idea to avoid snacking after the weight loss surgery.

Bariatric surgery is a safe and effective weight-loss method. As long as you stick to the guidelines mentioned above and to those provided by your doctor, you can reap the benefits of this procedure.

We hope we were able to adequately explain the reasons why people tend to gain weight after surgery. Resolve and some self-restraint is always required to make the effects of the weight-loss procedure long-lasting.

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