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How to Maintain Clean Air in Your Home

by lizzieweakley

We’re spending more time at home these days, which means it’s more important than ever to make sure the air inside our homes is clean. Poor air quality can cause a host of health problems, including respiratory problems, headaches, and fatigue. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure the air in your home is as clean as possible.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

One of the simplest and most effective ways to keep the air in your home clean is to change your furnace or AC filter on a regular basis. Depending on the type of filter you have, you should change it every one to three months. If someone in your household has allergies or asthma, you may need to change it even more frequently.

Keep Indoor Plants

Not only do indoor plants add a touch of life and color to your home, but they also help purify the air. Certain plants, like spider plants and peace lilies, are particularly good at removing harmful toxins from the air. So if you want to improve your home’s air quality and liven up your space at the same time, think about adding some plants!

Don’t Smoke Indoors

Smoke from cigarettes, cigars, and pipes contains a long list of harmful chemicals, including carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Not only is indoor smoking bad for your health, but it’s also bad for the health of everyone in your household. If you smoke indoors often, you may want to consider quitting altogether or smoking only outdoors.

Vacuum Regularly & Dust Properly

Dust accumulation isn’t just unsightly – it can also cause health problems like respiratory irritation and headaches. To keep dust levels low, vacuum regularly using a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuum cleaner and dust with a damp cloth instead of a dry one. This will help capture dust particles rather than just moving them around your home.

Check for Mold

Inhaling airborne mold spores can trigger allergic reactions and respiratory problems, and some types of mold produce toxic substances known as mycotoxins. For these reasons, it is important to regularly check for mold growth in your home and take steps to remove it as soon as it is found. The best way to prevent mold from taking hold is to keep your home clean and free of clutter, which will provide fewer places for mold spores to land and grow. In addition, it is important to control moisture levels by fixing leaks and using a dehumidifier in damp areas such as basements and laundry rooms. If you do find mold, companies like Pure Home can help with its removal.

These are just a few simple ways you can improve the air quality in your home and create a healthier environment for yourself and your family. By changing your air filter regularly, keeping indoor plants, vacuuming frequently with a HEPA vacuum cleaner, and checking for mold, you can significantly reduce the amount of harmful toxins in the air and create a cleaner, healthier space for everyone in your home.

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