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How to Take Care of Your Muscles After A Hard Workout

by stephcsnyder
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If you work out regularly, it’s important to know that what you do after exercising is nearly as important as the fitness activity itself. Post-workout recovery is essential to muscle and tissue repair. Proper downtime allows strength-building to occur. Failing to take care of your muscles after a hard workout could lead to tissue breakdown and injury. Keep reading for muscle recovery tips to add to your workout.


During a heavy workout, you lose a lot of fluids. That’s why it’s so crucial that you replace them throughout your exercise session. You should also keep drinking water afterward just to be sure. Your body needs plenty of water to support many of its key functions. So, don’t forget to replenish those fluids after an intensely sweaty workout.


Another way to prevent sore muscles after a workout is to be sure to eat some healthy snacks. Eating within an hour after working out is ideal. It’s a good idea to include proteins and carbs in your meal. This jumpstarts tissue repair and muscle recovery.


Don’t neglect proper stretching post-workout. Otherwise, your muscle could seize up or become sore. There’s no need to overdo it, though. Some gentle stretching is all you need to aid in recovery. Neglecting this part of your workout aftercare has the potential to lead to future muscle injury.

Ease It Out

If you have the time, performing an active recovery after vigorous exercise can help to ease your muscles into relaxation. A gentle activity like taking a walk or going for a short bike ride can improve your circulation. This actually promotes the transport of nutrients and waste throughout your body, avoiding any buildup to occur in your muscles.


A workout can be hard on your body. Part of ensuring that your muscles recover is allowing them to relax. Taking time to rest allows your body’s own natural recovery process to do its job. If you continue to push yourself, you’ll only risk doing damage to your muscles and this is counterproductive to working out in the first place. There’s no point putting your health in jeopardy. Getting enough sleep each night is also part of making sure you rest your body. During a complete night’s sleep, your body produces human growth hormone, which aids in tissue growth and repair.

Get a Massage

Another way to boost circulation is to get a massage. An added bonus is that a massage is relaxing. It’s a wonderful self-care activity to add to your post-workout routine to take care of your muscles. Looking forward to your message can also serve as good motivation to continue an especially difficult fitness session. Knowing you’ll be treating yourself at the end can provide an incentive to keep going. Professional massage sessions can add up in cost. An alternative may be to invest in a massage chair for your home. Not only will it pay for itself over time, but you’ll also be able to get a massage whenever is convenient for you.

Cool Down

Cooling your muscles, literally, after a hard workout may be just what they need to recover. An ice bath or ice massage can prevent your muscles from becoming sore and also lessen your chances of injury. It is believed that this type of therapy helps to flush waste materials from muscle tissues.

Don’t Overdo It

One of the worst things you can do for your muscles is to overwork them. This means you should be sure your workout routine is appropriate for your skill level and that you work your way up gradually to more strenuous routines. To take care of your muscles, you should take adequate time between workouts. It can be tempting to exercise to your limits each and every day. After all, isn’t more better? When it comes to fitness, more is most certainly not the goal. If you overwork yourself, you’ll burn out. You could also seriously injure yourself. On top of that, you’ll reverse any gains you’ve made from the exercise you’ve done previously.

Always listen to your body when working out. Don’t push yourself if you’re feeling tired or sore. Be sure to follow the steps above in order to maximize your muscle recovery after working out and to get the most from your efforts.


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