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Important Tips To Find The Right Hair Transplant Doctor

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Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi

The trickiest part of hair transplant surgery may be choosing the right hair transplant surgeon and clinic. One will obviously want the best hair transplant surgeon doing the procedure because  the outcomes will be mainly  dependent on the doctor’s expertise.

It is crucial to conduct thorough study before selecting the doctor who will perform the hair transplant surgery. This study will provide a general overview of the surgeons, their techniques, and the post-operative care they provide. To provide a better understanding of the factors to keep in mind while choosing the hair transplant doctor we managed to gather insightful information from Dr. Urvashi Chandra the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi. 

Dr. Urvashi Chandra is an expert dermatologist having 13+ years of experience and a renowned hair transplant doctor. She is practicing at Chandra Clinic, Pitampura, Delhi, the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi

The skilled doctor explains that there are a couple of factors which go into deciding the doctor for  hair transplant treatment. The factors are as under:

Qualifications of the Surgeon:

The most common way to find a surgeon is, through a recommendation from a family doctor or a former patient. If not, one should begin by conducting an online search for doctors who specialize in hair transplant surgery.

  • Don’t forget to review each surgeon’s training and credentials. A dermatologist or cosmetic doctor with board certification should be the first option. Choosing a technician is the last option.
  • This surgery demands a skilled surgeon because it is very delicate. Only proper surgical techniques can produce the desired outcomes. Therefore the importance of checking on the qualifications.
  • Compared to a technician, a board-certified dermatologist or cosmetologist could be more expensive. But only he/she is capable of upholding high safety standards.

Experience of the Surgeon:

Never compare a surgeon’s experience with their age, says the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi, Dr. Urvashi Chandra. Try to learn how many procedures they have successfully completed so far. It’s advisable to select an experienced surgeon as they know how to handle diverse hair kinds and issues.

  • A knowledgeable and qualified hair surgeon can foresee psychological or cosmetic problems before they occur.
  • In that scenario, he/she can take the appropriate precautions to prevent them. Ensure that the majority of the surgery is performed by the hair transplant surgeon. FUE and FUT are the most widely used treatments. The skilled doctor, Dr. Urvashi Chandra uses Bio-IPT Hair Transplant treatment to provide most effective results. 
  • To avoid complications and issues, one should ensure that either the process should be performed by the doctor himself/herself or performed under his/her supervision  by the technician/s. 

Verify If the Clinic Offers Additional Procedures to Enhance Results:

The right clinic produces excellent results with hair transplants. Treatments like hair regrowth injectables, stem cell therapy, etc. which speed up the activation of transplant follicles, causing faster hair growth are used by the advanced clinics and expert doctors. Thus, one can probably imagine how good the final outcome will be! 

Therefore ask the doctor if the clinic offers additional procedures for great results. One can get these additional benefits at the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi, Chandra Clinic, Pitampura, New Delhi.  

Check Out The Patient’s Before And After Pictures Or Videos

  • It is advisable to ask questions during the consultation regarding  hair transplant and also ask for before and after high-quality pictures and video gallery of  patients treated. . 
  • Check to see if the results are accurate. As the real results vary from patient to patient it will be helpful in determining the real photos and false ones.  At the same time, the photographs shouldn’t be photoshopped. Focusing all these factors will provide one a clearer idea.

View the Patient Testimonials

Patients who have had hair transplants will undoubtedly write reviews of their procedures. Therefore, one might find both positive and negative reviews. Using patient reviews, one may distinguish between the good and bad.

Check the clinic’s website and social media pages accordingly. If one can, try to speak with any patient directly or over the phone.

Staff Conduct

Check to see if the personnel are courteous, informed, skilled, and supportive throughout the procedure. They ought to be fully informed of both their duties and the surgeon’s strategy. For instance, they are aware of when  to convey a concern to their surgeon.

Their actions enable one to determine whether or not the doctor is competent. Be alert if they press you to make a hasty decision, especially in exchange for a concession, explains the skilled doctor, Dr. Urvashi Chandra. 

Some Crucial Considerations During Every Consultation Before Selecting the Surgeon

  • Make sure a surgeon, not a salesperson, evaluates you. Check to see if the doctor is advising surgery for everyone. Additionally, find out what percentage he/she advises for hair regrowth. Please take note that the renowned hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Urvashi Chandra, only recommends hair transplant surgery if she believes that GFC therapy and simple medications will not be able to restore or revive lost hair.
  • Have a complete examination, including a densitometer density check and a scalp laxity assessment.
  • A good doctor would discuss the pros and cons of various hair transplant types with the patient. He/she should inform the patient so that they have reasonable expectations from the procedure.
  • A long-term plan should be the doctor’s main priority. He or she ought to be able to foresee how the surgery would look down the road with age. 
  • Don’t rush  for the surgery. A decision cannot be made immediately. One should have enough time to consider the procedure. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each nonsurgical treatment. Try them and see if they work; if not, proceed with the surgery.

Consult with Dr. Urvashi Chandra, the best hair transplant doctor in Delhi at Chandra Clinic. She examines the patient thoroughly and offers them other options as well; surgery will only be an option if all other measures don’t work.

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