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Increase Sensual intimacy in Pregnancy

by lokraw7

Why does sex drive decrease during pregnancy?

The main reason for low sex drive in pregnancy is the changes in the body of women. Women are unable to ignore the changes taking place in the body and due to this there is a decrease in sex drive. Here are some of the reasons due to which there is a decrease in sex drive during pregnancy.

  • ‘I’m so tired’ brings down sex drive
  • I’m not feeling attractive
  • Thinking that sex can cause problems for the child, reduces sex drive in pregnancy
  • I am not feeling well, this reason is also responsible for the decrease in sex drive in pregnancy

Take the precautions

Although it is considered safe to have sex throughout pregnancy, women can experience discomfort and adverse effects from sex during pregnancy. Women can struggle with fatigue, stress and serious medical issues.

Whether or not to enjoy sex during pregnancy is your personal decision. If you have any question regarding decrease in sex drive during pregnancy, then definitely contact your doctor at once.

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