Is Icariin Equals to sildenafil citrate?

How much Icariin Equals to sildenafil citrate?

How much Icariin Equals to sildenafil  citrate?

 Males suffering from erectile dysfunction look for alternatives that are effective and natural. They try natural remedies to cure the erection issue forever. The herbal based products and supplements are one of the favorites of males who like natural cure methods.

Erectile dysfunction is a male issue in which a male cannot get an erection even under aroused conditions. The erection either will be too soft or cannot last long to complete the intimate session.

In addition to viagra, males also use Icariin to get the same benefit from natural products. Let us get in detail to understand the effectiveness of the Icariin and how much is required to equal the impact of one viagra dose.

Function of viagra on males with erectile dysfunction

  • Viagra is a PDE5 inhibitor FDA approved drug. It facilitates blood circulation throughout the body by suppressing the PDE5.
  • In males with erectile dysfunction, PDE5 phosphodiesterase type 5 constricts blood vessels and stops nitrate oxide from function to its potential.
  • Nitrate oxide cannot relax blood vessels to increase blood flow towards the male organ. Without sufficient blood flow in the spongy tissue of the male organ, the erection cannot take place.
  • When PDE5 is curbed, nitrate oxide stimulates cGMP, which relaxes blood vessels and improves the blood flow in the male organ.
  • Sildenafil citrate in a viagra dose binds with phosphodiesterase type 5 effectively, The effect lasts up to 5 hours , Within this duration, the male gets an erection with physical stimulation. The chemical gets eliminated through the natural process after 24 hours.
  • Viagra comes in various dosages to help doctors prescribe the right dose to a male that matches the degree of erectile dysfunction. 200 mg Sildenafil citrate is a higher dose prescribed for severe cases of erectile dysfunction.
  • It has an 82 % effective rate and has provided a safe cure to a million males with erection issues around the world.

What are Icariin and its similarity with viagra?

  • Icariin is a compound in horny goat weed. Horny goat weed is a wildflower found in china. It has shown promise in curbing PDE5 in animal studies.
  • When it curbs the enzyme PDE5 that restricts blood flow in the body, it functions as sort of viagra medicine. This characteristic of the Icariin is used to overcome erection difficulty, as it can facilitate flow of blood towards the male organ.
  • Icariin as a compound is used in traditional Chinese medicines to boost male health. It is a part of natural cure for erectile dysfunction.

Efficacy of Icariin in curbing erectile issues

  • Medical studies conducted to find the efficacy and effectiveness of Icariin found that it has shown promise in rates.
  • The rates on Icariin showed improved blood circulation compared to rates that were not on the mentioned dose.
  • The study also found that sildenafil works 80 times better in controlling PDE5 than Icariin.
  • There was no study to get the right quantity of dose that will match a viagra dose. The separate study revealed that Icariin had IC50 of 5.9 micromolars, while one micromolar is equal to 1000 nanomolar.
  • From this assessment, the fact emerged that 590 nanolomar Icariin equals 74 nanolomar sildenafil. These calculations were based on the natural state of the Icariin.
  • However, after improving the strength of Icariin chemically, the dose strength could not come close to viagra dose.
  • The efficacy of a Generic Levitra 60 mg dose always remains higher than the Icariin. So, it is extremely difficult to come to the right conclusion regarding the exact dose of Icariin Equals to Sildenafil citrate  that can match a viagra dose.

Use Icariin as an herbal supplement to boost health

There is no harm in using Icariin as an herbal product for boosting health benefits. It will ensure a healthy heart, a relaxed and horny mood, which improves the overall intimate part of life , But avoid mixing it with viagra dose, as herbal products react strongly with erectile dysfunction medicines. Consult a medical expert before using Icariin as an herbal product.


  • Icariin can be used as an erection booster and as aphrodisiacs, but it cannot overcome a higher degree of erectile dysfunction in males.
  • Viagra in various doses can deal with any degree of erection difficulty. Its efficacy is proven and tested by millions. It has defined working time and impacts a period of 5 hours.
  • Even few side effects are well documented. So, consult a doctor to get the right dose of viagra. However, if you have a lower degree of erection issue, take Icariin as part of a natural cure with a healthy diet.



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