Laser Teeth Whitening: Is It Right For You?


Laser whitening teeth, also known as in-office bleaching, can give you the white smile you’ve always wanted. You may be wondering if laser teeth whitening is right for you and how it works. Here are four things to know about this procedure to help you decide if it’s the best choice for your smile.


How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Laser teeth whitening is one of the best teeth whitening product on the market. But how does it work? Laser teeth whitening uses a bleaching gel that is applied to your teeth. A laser is then used to activate the gel, which breaks down the stains on your teeth. The gel is then removed, and your teeth are rinsed. You will see a difference in the whiteness of your teeth after just one treatment! In addition, you can continue to use this procedure as often as you like. But beware of using this procedure too often or too long-term because there is the risk of gum recession or oral cancer (lasers produce heat). Another downside to this process is that it can be expensive; lasers typically cost between $600-$800 per session, but remember you may only need 1-2 sessions total.


Precautions To Take Before Facing Laser Dentistry

Although laser teeth whitening is one of the best teeth whitening products on the market, there are some precautions you should take before facing laser dentistry. First, make sure to find a reputable dentist who has experience with laser teeth whitening. Second, be sure to ask about the side effects of laser teeth whitening and what you can expect during and after the procedure. Third, make sure you understand the risks involved with laser teeth whitening. Fourth, be sure to get your teeth professionally cleaned before your appointment. Fifth, be sure to wear sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes from the bright light of the laser. Sixth, be sure to have a friend or family member drive you home after your appointment. Seventh, if you smoke or drink alcohol, wait at least three days after your treatment before doing so again. Eighth, eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water in order to prevent tooth decay. Ninth, be sure not to eat acidic foods (like citrus fruits) for at least two hours following treatment. Tenth, brush your teeth twice a day for two weeks following treatment in order to keep up with any re-staining that may occur as well as reduce bacteria levels in the mouth (this will also help any unpleasant taste). Eleventh and finally, don’t forget that it’s important to go back every six months for touch-ups!


Before & After Results

If you’re looking for the best teeths whitening product, you may have considered laser teeth whitening. But is it right for you? Here’s what you need to know about laser teeth whitening before making a decision.


The Final Verdict

Laser teeths whitening is a great option for those looking for a quick and easy way to achieve brighter teeth. However, it’s important to note that not everyone is a candidate for this type of treatment. Be sure to consult with your dentist to see if laser teeth whitening is right for you.


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