Main types of E-Liquid to buy

E Liquids

Main types of E-Liquid to buy:

As a new vaper, it might be rigid to comprehend the diverse types of E-Liquids accessible, with all from Short fills to Nic Salt, it can be pretty off-putting to know what to purchase. If you are preliminary your vaping journey, there are chiefly two different types of E-liquids you should be looking at, and those are 50/50 E-liquids and Nicotine Salt E-Liquids.

50/50 E-Liquids:

50/50 E liquids have been around since the starting of vaping, and the name refers to the PG and VG fraction used in the E-Liquid. E-Liquids are chiefly constructed of 2 main components PG and VG collective with some flavouring and Nicotine. The VG in the E-liquids is what turns out the vapour, as well-referred to as the “clouds”. VG is relatively thick in-depth, even as PG is much thinner. The PG in the E-Liquid helps to carry the flavour and gives a bit of a throat batter. Integration, the PG and VG in a 50/50 percentage, provides the best of both worlds, good vapors, good flavour and most prominently it makes the E-liquid thin enough to be well-suited with most essential Vaping Starter kits and Pod Kits.

50/50 E-Liquids are usually accessible in 3, 6, 12 and 18mg strength and are prepared with freebase Nicotine. For a fresh vaper, we suggest trying 6 or 12mg and then escalate or down in power depending on personal partiality of throat hit, the superior the Nicotine, the harder the throat strike will be.
100% VG E-liquids:

100% VG E-liquids are prepared with only VG and no PG. These are an exceptional variety for vapers that has PG intolerance. Yes, even as most users will have no problem vaping PG, just like milk and gluten, several people have bigotry or even reaction to PG. Most 100% VG E-liquids that we sell are as well Organic and made with natural flavour extracts.

Nicotine Salt E liquids aka Nic Salts:

Nicotine Salt E-liquids also acknowledged as Nic Salts are very comparable to 50/50 E-liquids and are usually assorted in the PG and VG ratio, with some small deviation such as 40/60. These E Liquids are made with Nicotine found in tobacco leaves collective with accumulation benzoic acid to decreases the pH value of the Nicotine. This abridged PH value makes Nicotine Salt E-Liquids much smoother to vape and gives a fewer cold throat hit than E-liquids made with freebase Nicotine.

Nicotine Salt E-Liquids also provides a much faster “fix” as it enters the bloodstream faster and gives a vaping impression astonishingly comparable to smoking. These two things united make Nic Salts an excellent preference for any smoker looking to make the switch to vaping. As the throat hit is smoother it is abounding in superior nicotine strengths with 20mg being the most well-liked, most brands also have a 10mg option obtainable, and some even have a 5mg option for vapers that want to decrease their nicotine intake steadily.

Shortfill E-Liquids

More knowledgeable vapers frequently use Shortfill E-Liquids, also branded as Sub-Ohm vapers. These E Liquids are vaped using more sophisticated vape kits that create more massive amounts of vapour and flavour. As you are getting more vapour you require to lower the nicotine strength, as vaping anything over 3mg will be quite unforgiving. Shortfill E-Liquids where introduced to the UK/EU market following the new TPD policy in 2017. These TPD rules put a frontier on E-Liquids containing Nicotine to a maximum bottle size of 10ml with a top nicotine content of 20mg.

Fortunately, the UK/EU market rapidly bespoke to these new systems. It introduced large bottles containing Nicotine free E-liquid leave-taking enough space for a 10ml Nicotine Shot to be supplementary (short filled). They are most usually supplied in 60ml or 120ml bottles containing 50 or 100ml of E-Liquid. This leaves sufficient space in the 60ml bottle to add 1 x Nicotine Shot and adequate space in the 120ml bottle to add 2 x Nicotine Shots. As Sub-Ohm vapers frequently vape at high power (wattage) using little Nicotine, this creates the consequence most of these vapers are looking for as accumulation 18mg Nicotine shots to these bottles make 60 or 120ml of 3mg E-liquid once varied.


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