MBBS in Italy Eligibility for Indian Students

MBBS in Italy Eligibility for Indian Students
MBBS in Italy Eligibility for Indian Students

Requirements for MBBS Schools in Italy

Here Why to study MBBS in Italy or what are the MBBS in Italy eligibility for Indian students you should know before opting for this.

Eligibility for MBBS in Italy Indian Students

  • At least 18 years of age
  • At least 80% in your 10+2 (Signs in Chemistry and Biology are important in this case)
  • Physical Fitness Test (UCAT), Physical Fitness Testing Test (BMAT), or GAMSAT.
  • 50% percentage in NEET

IELTS degree;

High school transcripts show that your results are sufficient to meet the qualification criteria for admission to an MBBS course;

Personal information strengthens your commitment to the MBBS in the Italy course; a

Results of medical admission tests required by universities for your MBBS application and admission.

An Introduction for MBBS in Italy

There are two medical admission exams to apply for the MBBS course in Italy, namely: UCAT (UCAT), BMAT, or GAMTSAT.

In general, you need to be less than 650 on UCAT / 4.5 – 5.0 than BMAT / 60 – 66 on GAMSAT in order for you to study MBBS in Italy. The purpose of these tests is to assess your success in studying medicine at the MBBS level.

The universities you choose will clearly show on their website which drug enrollment test result is best for them and you must register separately and take that drug enrollment test.

You must register for your UCAT or BMAT before you can apply to universities through UCAS.

Italy Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT/BMAT)

The Italy Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is part of the selection pathway for some medical and dental schools in Italy. So, this is an online test designed to test mental strength, attitude, critical thinking, and logical thinking. Also, there are four reasoning tests and one decision test.

  • Vocabulary – Assess the ability to think logically about written information and make critical thinking: 21 minutes, 11 sections to read and 44 questions.
  • Measurement Thinking – Assessed ability to solve numerical problems: 24 minutes, 9 charts, tables, graphs, etc. for your information and 36 questions.
  • Basic Thinking – Assess the ability to make connections from information through reflection and differential thinking: 13 minutes with 55 questions.
  • Decision Making – Assess the ability to process different types of information to make relationships, make informed opinions and determine the correct answer: 32 minutes, 1 speech type and 28 minutes question (basic statistics provided)
  • Methodology – Measures your answers in terms of features and your understanding of medical techniques: 27 minutes with 67 questions for 20 features.


The universities you choose will clearly show on their website. Which drug enrollment test result is best for them and you must register separately. Also, take that drug enrollment test.

Given that the closing time for applications for MBBS and other medical courses in Italy to UCAS is 15 October each year (for courses starting in September of the following year), you complete your registration for the UCAT or BMAT exams.

UCAT registrations: open from June to September.

UCAT exam: from July to September.

BMAT Test # Registration: open in early September.

BMAT Exam #Exam: November.

Your BMAT will be sent to the universities you apply to.

All MBBS Course applications must be submitted through the UCAS exam.

UCAS can apply for up to four courses per year.

As you can see, it is a difficult way to apply to the medical school at the universities of Italy. Also, that’s why we always recommend that you get help from knowledgeable consultants. So, MBBS University courses of Italy the right things to consider for your application.

Universities that Offer MBBS Studies in Italy

Below (see table) are the universities that offer study in Italy for medical degree. This table of universities is not a complete list. However, from our experience, we believe we have the right pool of MBBS learning pathways that Italy offers to international students.

You May also need IELTS qualification for studies MBBS in country like Italy. So many colleges and universities are accepting admission only with IELTS.  So, join best IELTS coaching in Noida for best preparation for IELTS to study MBBS in Italy.


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