Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks

mosquito repellent incense sticks

The mosquito repellent incense sticks is a slow-burning stick meant to emit a mild fragrance to clean the atmosphere and to keep insects away from human habitat. Traditionally the sticks are made of bamboo with natural adhesives made from the bark of trees, as well as various non-infectious ingredients, including charcoal, specific wood sawdust, sandalwood, cedar, cloves, turmeric, and Many other natural fragrances are included.

Fragrance. Wood sawdust from tree bark, sawdust from wood, fragrance from shoewood, are made of bamboo with common blocks of cement constructed using parcels of cedar, cloves, turmeric, and other distinctive fragrances. Its natural blend of fragrances helps eliminate bad odors from the surroundings. Actually, apart from blessing the aura with an enchanting aroma, burning incense sticks has many benefits.

Mosquito Repellent Agarbatti

There is a myth floating around in the market that incense sticks do not help in repulsion of mosquitoes which is actually a lie. Mosquito repellent incense sticks made of lemongrass and citronella are proven to be strong mosquito repellent in nature. Also, since the old days, monks have been using incense sticks and incense sticks, which are mosquitoes disturbing and revolting insects that disturb during spiritual practices.

Here’s an excerpt from Quora, a mosquito repellent agarbatti vendor – I launched the Mosquito-Be-Off Mosquito Agarbatti last year because I wanted a chemical-free alternative that wouldn’t compromise my dogs and my health used to do. I have been a follower of a natural life and environmentally friendly lifestyle for the last 25 years and in my experience, these mosquito incense are the most effective way to ward off mosquitoes without spraying your yard with chemicals.

Using fans and mosquito nets is also very effective but not as convenient. Last year I started selling these in the summer through local small grocery stores and farmers markets. I was able to get 1 hand feedback from my users of their effectiveness. The mild smell of citronella and lemongrass masks us but is invasive to mosquitoes. Natural mosquito incense sticks keep mosquitoes away through natural oils such as lemongrass and citronella that burn it. Mosquito incinerator is fiercely popular among healthy living communities and dog lovers.

I hope more people give it a try and protect themselves, their yard, the environment and their pets from the dangers of chemical mosquito spray.

Benefits of Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks

  • Pollution free.
  • Good for healthy life.
  • Harmful to pets and children.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Creates a good atmosphere.
  • Helps in removing mosquitoes and irritating insects.

Different Types of Available

The best incense for meditation is entirely personal, but two classic and ancient smells stand out – sandalwood and frankincense.

Chandan is what you see as you approach a Buddhist temple or monastery. Buddhists have been using it for centuries to mean calm, round, and well-being. Sandalwood is instantly recognizable as a warming, woody smell that is ideal for inducing intense meditation.

Frankincense is another ancient scent that reduces anxiety and promotes a feeling of peace and happiness. It promotes a meditative state because it contains certain phytochemicals that affect the parts of our brain responsible for emotions. For peace and concentration, it is one of the best smelling incense for meditation and is often used in churches.

There are many popular scents to choose from, floral or herbal, medicinal or fruit. You can test your favorite and decide what resonates the most for you.

Jasmine – Long associated with spontaneous depression, fragrant little white flowers help to enhance your mood and calm the senses.

Lemongrass – The aroma of citrus is associated with an uplifting energy and feeling alert and Lemongrass does so in a rebirth but soothing way. It has a fresh smell and stress-relieving properties that induce calm reflection and roundness.

Copal – This is a traditional Mexican fragrance, made from the sails of a Mexican tree and is used to cleanse negative energy and create positive change. It has a clean, pungent smell of wood that lends itself perfectly to cleaning up your home space and converting energy. Copal is a good place to go before meditation or for changes with new habits and when starting afresh.

Lavender – Popular for its relaxing, sleep-boosting effects, lavender is the ideal fragrance for those who wish to find something cool and explore in a busy world. It is the most distinctive scent to create a feeling of peace.


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