Myths and Facts About Temporary Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Temporary Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Myths and facts about temporary erectile dysfunction treatment

There is no dearth of information on erectile dysfunction, its causes or its treatment. But the fact is that hardly anyone who has faced erectile dysfunction and cured it writes about it.

The attempt has been made here to get the information from the experience of a man who has faced and dealt with the problem successfully.

Erectile dysfunction is weakness in erection which is not adequate for an intercourse. The erection may be soft or dying and no erection at all even when a male is aroused.

The causes may be physical, emotional and mental. Some decline is natural with ageing, but erection issue in younger years or in mid years of life causes great mental turmoil. Let us study some myths and facts related to treatment of erection issues in males.

Myth – temporary erectile dysfunction needs treatment to stop getting worse

Fact –one should be clear about the concept of erectile dysfunction. When a male is facing the erection issue in more than 60 % of cases, only then it is called an erection problem. Occasional erection issue does not come under the erection problem definition.

Try to find the cause of the temporary problem and deal with it. There is no fear of facing the issue permanently, if a man has no medial ailment.

Myth –Erectile dysfunction cannot be cured without medicine

Fact – temporary erectile dysfunction may be due to stress, anxiety or depression. It is possible that without medicine, with improvement in mood, one can get a normal erection.

High stress levels increases production of hormones that makes an erection difficult to get.

It is because relaxation becomes difficult to come by and without relaxation smooth blood flow cannot take place. However, if there is an improvement in the situation and one feels less stressed out, there will be no erection issue.

Myth – temporary treatment methods involving medicine are not effective

Fact – all methods used to treat erectile dysfunction are effective. The effectiveness depends on the desire of the male and his arousal levels.

Take example, of 200mg Sildenafil citrate , a higher dose prescribed to males with severe erection problem. The dose starts working in 30-45 minutes and gives support to male for next 5 hours.

The effectiveness is close to 82 %. The success of the drug can be gauged from the fact that it is highest selling erection boosting drug in the world since its launch in 1998.

Myth –Treatment by vacuum tubes does not give a hard erection

Fact- vacuum tubes helps a male to overcome erection issue without medicines. These are used by males who do not want to use chemical based drugs.

The reason could be allergic reaction to chemicals used in the drugs. Vacuum tubes create vacuum inside to relax nerves of the male organ.

The relaxation causes dilation in nerves and draws blood inside the organ.

The band over the tubes is lowered to be placed at the base of the male organ. The band stops the outflow of blood, thus sustaining the erection.

The erection is strong enough to help a male complete an intimate session without any problem.

Tubes are used for every time when an erection is needed. However, the process is simple and does not take much time.

Myth – erectile dysfunction temporary treatment cannot cure the issue permanently

Fact—it is possible to get permanent cure. Males with emotional, relationship breakup or psychological issues behind erection problem are cured with counseling sessions by a professional psychologist.

The treatment provided through cognitive behavior therapy permanently cures the issues to bring a lasting improvement in male life.

The sessions change the behavior and response of a man towards the same issues which earlier caused immense mental stress.

Myth – temporary erection problem treatment does not increase libido

Fact –a healthy diet with fruits, dry fruits, goat meat, vitamin B 12 and exercises increase testosterone levels in males. Testosterone levels push libido level up. In fact the same diet will help a male who need Generic Levitra 40 mg, a higher dose for higher erection problem. The fact that a male is facing temporary erectile issue shows that libido is intact.

The situations can be when the younger male is with the partner. The nervousness or shy nature can lead to erection difficulty. But the same male gets a normal erection when he is alone. It shows that there is no decline in libido. The treatment methods like change in diet, nuts, fruits and dry fruits, exercises can increases libido.


Temporary erectile issue is treatment effectively once the underlying cause is known. Consult a doctor to get the best suggestion. It is possible to get permanent cure of any erection issue if the underlying cause is dealt with satisfactorily.

A healthy body and stress free mind is the prerequisite for a healthy erection. Start with a healthy diet, lower intake of junk food and hard drinks to deal with temporary curable erection issues.


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