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Penis Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

by bestsexologistinindia
penis problems

You might notice changes in the penis and wonder if it is normal. Like any other bodily changes, take note of any visible symptoms.

Men might feel shy and might ignore the problem for too long. Report the changes to the doctor to save yourself from future complications. Timely diagnosis often ensures timely treatment. And you might have already heard, ‘A stitch in time saves nine.’

Here are a few problems that one should report to the doctor:

Small penis size – A smaller penis can be the most dreaded thought for any man. Most men try to find ways how to increase penis size. Well, if you are also looking for how to increase your penis size, you need to let go of myths and unrealistic expectations. Understand one thing for once and all, you cannot increase your penis size with any readily available products on the market.

A smaller penis can make a man doubt his potential and avoid physical intimacy. The fear of being judged or mocked is their biggest nightmare. But what they do not realize, most men suffering from the terror of having a smaller penis have an average-sized penis.

The average penis size is 3-6 inches, and maximum men fall under this category. But they create this complex in their head and sabotage relationships. What matters is the technique and the effort you put into physical intimacy with your partner. However, report small penis size to the sexologist to clear your mind. A sexologist will guide you on making the most of what you have and if you need further intervention.

Balanitis – Most uncircumcised men may have a red, itchy, and irritated head of the penis. It could happen due to compromised hygiene and could also be accompanied by a foul smell. The most effective treatment is gentle cleaning, but it may need an antifungal prescription. One should not ignore the condition, as it might lead to chronic inflammation.

Genital warts – You might notice brown or skin-like cauliflower-shaped nodules, known as genital warts. It occurs on the penis and could be a symptom of sexually transmitted disease by the Human Papilloma Virus. It is highly transmissible via sexual intimacy, and you should report the symptoms to the doctor.

Contact Dermatitis – You might notice a rash after using a new condom or a lubricant. Mostly it is due to contact dermatitis, and any new irritant or friction can do that to a penis. It could be due to latex allergy, and you might have to change contraceptives. The condition can be painful and might be accompanied by swelling, redness, and leaky fluid discharge.

Consult your doctor to get the required medication. The expert can also help you figure out the underlying cause.

Peyronie’s Disease– You might have a significant bend in the penis that will keep you from having a firm erection which will affect the physical intimacy. The curve could be due to scar tissue formation in the area. Report the change to the doctor to find an effective solution.

Any changes in the penis should not be left unattended. It could get worse and will affect your sex life. Rather than relying on an internet search, consult a doctor for the proper diagnosis and treatment. Internet searches are rarely accurate and might scare you even more.

However, the most common problem men report is smaller penis size. They assume they are unfit and cannot maintain sexual intimacy, and their partner will judge them for their size. They keep on finding how to increase penis size, and the first question they ask a sexologist is can we increase penis size? But the truth is no product can effectively lengthen their penis. Do you also want to know how to increase penis size?

The answer is you cannot and should not increase your penis size if you have a penis of 3-6 inches when erect. Consult a sexologist to find the diagnosis and the best way out for you.

Other than that, do not ignore any penile changes. You might feel shy and embarrassed to talk about it. But, rest assured, a sexologist’s office is judgment free, and the only thing a sexologist does is understand your situation and work for you to attain a healthy sex life.

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