Potential Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction as a condition is spreading at a fast pace among human population. Studies have found that even young adults and people in marriageable age groups are also being affected by this. Apart from physical reasons, the other leading causes are psychological. Although causes can be strongly interconnected, one problem giving rise to others.

Erection is a process that requires inputs from nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system and also sexual arousal. Anything that interrupts this coordinated system can be the potential cause of ED. Though medicines like kamagra polo, Cenforce 100, vidalista 2.5 are recommended for ED, one should have an idea about the factors that can cause this condition. Following might be the reasons for dysfunction.

Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


Depression as a disease is spreading all over the world and is a very serious issue that has to be look after. From young teenagers to elderly, anyone can suffer from depression which can act as a source of other disorders also, one of them being sexual dysfunction.

Chronic clinical depression is found to have adverse affect on reproductive organs, especially in men. Therefore, it has to be regularly track and treat under medical supervision. With depression as a condition, we cannot have a reproductively healthy society.


Living in post-modern society, stress has kind of become a part of our lives. Where a productive stress is good but constant heavy stress Is absolutely harmful. Having destructive stress is not a very good sign of healthy living. This apart from affecting emotional, mental and physical health can also be reflect into sexual life of a person. And it can eventually manifest itself into a man’s low self esteem and confidence.

Stress not only disturbs a smooth metabolic traffic in the body of a person but also disrupts the mechanism of erection. And causing ED which can be treat with medication like Cenforce, Fildena, Vidalista tablet and many more. Moreover, stressing about this condition again and again can eventually lead to ferocious cycle. Therefore reducing stress should be the utmost priority of a person as constant stress can be potent source of many mental health issues thus worsening the sexual life of a man.

Poor self-image or self-doubt

Recurring self-doubt for performance and a person thinking that he is not good enough to satisfy the sexual needs of his partner is also a probable cause. These kind of negative thoughts about oneself paves way to more stress and anxiety which further leads to more problems.

Hence a person should think well about himself and have to have a positive self image and self faith. One has to recognize this just as any other condition and not a failure because it’s really not a major issue to be stress about so harshly.

Physical causes of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Constricted blood vessels:– blood flow is the ultimate cause with which erection is achieve, constriction of blood vessels causes disruption in blood flow in the penile area thus becoming a cause of ED.
  • Obesity and related problems:- obesity is strongly connect to high blood pressure and diabetes which is directly proportional to erectile dysfunction. Hence, reducing obesity can help with the situation.
  • High cholesterol levels- deposition of cholesterol along the lining of blood vessels blocks blood flow. It is ultimately interferes with the blood circulation thus becoming a potential cause of ED.
  • Diabetic condition- diabetes mellitus having more influence on nerves and blood vessels causes disruption in erection as nervous control is one of the major factors in achieving erection.
  • Heart disorders- heart disorders and cardiovascular diseases are highly link to ED.  Because heart is the pump of the body that makes the blood flow through arteries and veins. If anything goes wrong with the heart, then it can be manifest into sexual dysfunctions. Therefore a person who is fighting with this condition should consult to cardiologist after urologist.
  • Low testosterone levels:- hormonal regulation and nervous system works in coordination. The most important hormone accompanying sexual arousal of men is testosterone because it regulates male sexual behavior. Low testosterone not only interferes with the drive but also erection. Therefore a person should report to endocrinologist if found to have testosterone problems.

Lifestyle patterns

  • Alcohol consumption:– excessive alcohol intake not only affects liver but can be a very obvious cause for this situation. Alcohol interferes with the transport of particular type of chemicals present in the brain that cause erection. Hence, alcohol consumption must be reduce.
  • Smoking:- as blood vessels have to dilate for penile erection, smoking affects these blood vessels leading to this undesirable condition. Smoking also give way to several heart disorders that themselves are potent cause of ED. As younger population is more prone to smoking, they should be given proper counselling regarding this matter and related risk factors.
  • Unhealthy food:- Eating junk or unhealthy food, one should also know its indirect effect, unlike other lifestyle patterns. Junk food causes sugar hike and blood circulation problems which can lead to this condition.

Environmental causes of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Air pollution:- Studies and research have found a strong link between air pollution where a particular component called PM2.5. It is mainly affects circulation and cardio vascular system, can disrupt sexual activity due to sexual dysfunction. High levels of PM2.5 in air can make their way to blood, hence the circulatory system and therefore can cause abrupt disruption in sexual activity.
  • Toxic metals and solvents:- heavy metals like lead and hazardous solvents can make person prone to erectile dysfunction.


Erectile dysfunction is a condition which can be the result of several problems or combination of these problems. From brain to environment, anything can be related to ED either directly or indirectly. Many risk factors like alcohol consumption, smoking, or chewing tobacco are associate with this many psychological factors might be the reason. Heart disorders are link very strongly with sexual dysfunction.

Even people can be sensitive to environmental pollutants as their concentration is also increasing gradually. Need of the hour for people fighting with this condition is to find the source of this problem with the help of a doctor, and to initiate the treatment process as soon as possible.  Among many curable Options, treatment with medications like Cenforce 150, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Fildena 100, tadarise 2.5mg and super vilitra can be accelerated at a rapid pace.

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