PRP Hair Treatment Success Rate in Dubai

prp hair treatment

General overview

Having perfect hair with adequate thickness and shine is now very easily approachable by PRP hair treatment.  About 75 percent of the total population in UAE are getting their hands on PRP after knowing about its benefits and success rate. It is not just confined to hair treatments but also others such as skin and body. The reason why PRP is so successful nowadays is basically because of its natural mode of action. It is devoid of any chemicals and has negligible potential risks. Among the uses PRP for hair is raging because of its high success rate.

Stay tuned to know why it is so successful and which is the best clinic you should choose for a PRP hair treatment in Dubai.

What is PRP?

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma. It is a constituent of blood in semi liquid form that is extracted from the recipient’s body and is then re-injected into the respective area for the repair, regeneration and growth of the cells. It can be used or injected in the :

  • skin 
  •  joints and body
  • Scalp 

What are the beneficial effects of PRP?


When you choose PRP treatment for the skin you can enjoy the following benefits like

  • Youthfully glowing and radiant skin
  •  a perfectly well toned and even skin
  •  improvement in the texture of the skin 
  • faded acne scars and marks 
  • proper blood supply to the face 
  • Filled up indented scars 

Joints and body 

PRP injections are very useful for pain and elements that arise in the joints it is very effective pain relief when you experience the following:

  • Pain relief from Patellar tendonitis
  • eases off discomfort from rotator cuff tear
  • is a perfect painkiller against backache and arthritis 


Patients who have experienced baldness or alopecia often go under severe grief because regaining hair is just like a dream to them. Nonetheless, PRP is the best treatment of choice for hair related problems since it:

  • Regrows the long lost hair
  •  improves the density and thickness of pre existing hair
  •  adds volume to the hair
  • improve the shine and luster 
  • makes the hair look healthier looking
  •  fills up the bald patches 
  • very suitable for patients who have suffered hair loss after chemotherapy

Why to choose PRP hair treatment in Dubai?

The reason why most of the people residing in UAE undergo PRP hair treatment in Dubai is because of its rapidly rising success and less down time. The treatment is natural and candidates who have chosen it did not report any sort of side effects that are very likely with other products that have chemicals.

What is the PRP hair treatment success rate?

According to stats and studies it is concluded that PRP hair treatments success rate lies between 70 to 90%. This shows that it is merely very successful and it works much better in patients who are younger in age because the blood supply tends to double with patients who are under the juvenile age. 

How is PRP hair treatment done? 

  1. Initial consultation and treatment planning
  2. Drawing of the blood from the donors body that is the candidate himself
  3.  centrifuging of the blood
  4.  retrieval and extraction of the platelet rich plasma
  5.  infusing the PRP into an injection 
  6. releasing the injection directly into various sites in the scalp of the recipient
  7. Monitoring and recovery

The after care instructions

  • Avoid scratching your head after the treatment 
  • do not cover your hair
  •  try to avoid using harsh shampoo that is chemical based
  •  refrain from applying hair oils or any serums in the first few months
  •  avoid vigorously combing your hair
  •  use very gentle movements for washing your scalp 

Which is the best clinic for PRP in Dubai? 

If you are looking for the best PRP hair treatment in Dubai then you can generally visit the Dynamic Clinic situated in UAE. The clinic has some profound surgeons and hair specialists that have been providing PRP hair treatments for a very long time. There are many successful candidates treated with PRP who have shown considerable results post treatment. 

How long should I wait for the results? 

PRP hair treatments results are worth the anticipation. It normally takes about 3 to 4 months for the scalp to be completely filled with hair having adequate thickness. Following the correct after care and focusing on a healthy diet can also help you achieve the results faster. 

The final Verdict 

Working on your hair by following the home remedies are quite disturbing and their results will take forever to be seen.  As in the case of PRP hair treatment in Dubai you are able to witness the results and will be pleased by the kind of hair you will get after the treatment. You will be told to be patient till the complete results are achieved. It does not require multiple sessions and just a single session is good to go.


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