Red tea: more than 10 benefits


The number of consumers of red tea is increasing every time; in fact, it is one of the most widely consumed today, like black tea and green tea.

Many people choose red tea among their preferences because of its particular flavor, as well as its various contributions to health.

There are very few teas that provide as many benefits as red tea, which has quite powerful diuretic properties.

There are those who also use red tea as an aid in weight loss, although these are not its only contributions.

Benefits of drinking red tea

Among the benefits of red tea are the following:

  • It is digestive
  • It reduces stress, and can treat phobias like Venustraphobia etc.
  • Hypotensive
  • Diuretic
  • Antioxidant
  • Purifying
  • Stimulating
  • Immunostimulant
  • Antihistamine
  • Hypocholesterominant
  • Stimulates cognitive functions
  • Indeed, red tea helps people who ingest it have a better digestive process, which is why they manage to lose weight significantly.

Similarly, the study by specialist Priscila Marques on the properties of red tea suggests that this infusion prevents damage to the motor system and includes improvements in the cardiovascular system.

Red tea In addition, red tea helps to reverse the damage caused to the skin by free radicals

In addition to this, red tea is also indicated to prevent diseases in the kidneys , liver and intestines. Being a diuretic, it prevents fluid retention, which is why many use it in diseases such as gout, or when they have high uric acid.

Those who suffer from high cholesterol levels can also benefit from the consumption of this delicious tea, which also has the ability to improve mood .

If what the person is looking for is to lose weight, in addition to being a diuretic, this red tea acts as a metabolism activator , which makes it much easier to burn fat.

Athletes also consume it a lot because it helps them perform better. In addition, it is recommended to treat urinary infections.

The origin of red tea

This delicious and particular tea is originally from Pu’er, a Chinese region also known as the area of “eternal spring”. That is why all the inhabitants of the region know about this attractive red tea.

In fact, both in China and in some regions of the West, red tea is called for as Pu’er tea. But, allusion is always made to the same tea made from green tea leaves, only that it goes through a very different fermentation process.

The process by which this tea is fermented is quite curious, since it is stored in bamboo barrels and there they must remain for up to 2 years. Some are preserved for more than 5 decades , which makes their taste a privilege.

After all this long time of fermentation, that reddish or woody tone is observed. Some have copper tones. This process is also responsible for the fact that red tea provides so many health benefits.

In addition to being known as red tea and Pu’er tea, some call it “the emperors tea” , because its consumption dates back centuries and was associated with many oriental rituals. That is, it is a tea full of mysticism and energetic and healthy properties.

The flavor of this tea is earthy, but, if combined with other ingredients, it will be much more exquisite. Some people mix this tea with a hint of vanilla, papaya, or berries. An aromatic adventure rich in flavor. If desired, you can add a touch of caramel.

How to prepare this tea

By following the steps that we show you below, they will allow you to prepare a delicious red tea at home:

First, the water must be brought to a boil, about 150 milliliters will suffice. A small spoonful of red tea is separated into a separate cup.

Before the water begins to boil, you should pour this hot water over the tea and cover the glass or cup.

The process to let it rest only takes a couple of minutes, which varies between 5 or 7. It is put to strain and it is taken as it cools.

If desired, stevia extract can be added to sweeten it so that the drink does not lose its natural essence.


Although it is a delicious tea, unfortunately it is not suitable for everyone. For example, those suffering from anemia should not take it, nor is it recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Those who suffer from hypertension should avoid its consumption and, of course, it should be taken into account that, being a stimulant, if taken at night, it can cause insomnia.

The best recommendation, even for a healthy person, is to consume the tea in moderation and not be seduced by its effects.



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