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Sculptra Fillers Side Effects

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If we discuss beauty, there is a lot of competition. Nearly all genders, including males, and females people, are more concerned about their appearance. They desire to improve their appearance and noticeable characteristics, but age and a poor diet significantly undermine your preferences. 

People utilize prescriptions for tailored cosmetic products to obtain their desired results, but sadly, they are ineffective. To look young and beautiful people waste a lot of time and money on buying expensive products. People then rush to get medical help. Looking younger and perfect with Sculptra fillers in Dubai is not a dream anymore. You can achieve desired results within 1 to 2 sessions. 

On the other hand, despite the fact that therapies provide fantastic benefits, they might also have some negative side effects. Do you know about the side effects of sculptra fillers? Read the blog to know about its side effects. 

What are Sculptra Fillers?

This procedure is used for achieving plumpness of the skin. It is gaining popularity because of its non-invasive procedure. This procedure is a safe alternative for facelifts. The procedure is not only for the face but can cover other body parts as well. It is an injectable cosmetic procedure used to replace lost volume of hands, face, breast, buttock, and thighs. These fillers are used to remove aging signs, fine lines, and wrinkles. It is the most well-known collagen stimulator supported by Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which safely delivers the required skin results. Fortunately, Sculptra Fillers in Dubai produces quick effects.

Targeted Areas:

Most common sites on which the sculpting process is applied;

  • Arms.
  • Back.
  • Belly and flanks (love handles).
  • Buttocks.
  • Neck and chin.
  • Thighs.

Advantages of having this sculpting:

  • As you age, your body starts to lose flexibility.
  • Collagen is a crucial molecule that is found throughout your body, including in your skin, organs, bones, and fibrous tissue.
  • Dermal flexibility and volume loss are caused by the skin’s decreased collagen levels. These fillers increase collagen production in the body. 
  • Skin starts to sag and loses its flexibility
  • Give a definition to your sagging skin.
  • Make sure your face’s contours are more symmetrical.
  • increased size of the cheek and lip.
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Gives you desired shape
  • Stubborn fatty areas were finally removed
  • Improvement in comfort level
  • Get tightened, younger and thinner skin
  • You might have smooth lines and wrinkles on your face.

How is This Substance Injected?

2 weeks before starting the procedure of Sculptra Filler in Dubai, you will be requested to stop your intake of blood thinners. The procedure follows the steps below:

  • The areas that will receive the injections will marked first.
  • Your treated area will cleaned using an antibacterial solution.
  • The doctor will then apply a numbing cream to your spotted area.
  • After the numbing agent activates, the HA injection will inserted into your desired treated area to be.
  • After each filler is injected, the area will be massaged and more solutions will be injected if required.
  • Your targeted area will be cleaned and you will be given an ice pack to help with the swelling.
  • You can return home the same day.

Cost of Sculptra Fillers in Dubai:

The cost varies according to the qualification and experience of the physician, the location of the clinic, and sessions of treatment. In most body contouring treatments approximately this costs from AED 1000 to AED 20000 with an average cost of AED 9000.

Side Effects of Sculptra Fillers:

As we have already told you, despite the fact that therapies provide fantastic benefits, they might also have some negative side effects. Though there are few side effects of this treatment on your body. But when you will make an appointment with the experts of our clinic you will have very few side effects. They will treat you very well because the satisfaction of our clients is the first priority of our clinic. Sculptra Fillers in Dubai also have some side effects like;

  • Bruising
  • Itching
  • Irritation on Skin
  • Bleeding 
  • Swelling 
  • Pain
  • Heat sensation

With proper care and treatment, these side effects completely disappear in 1 to 2 weeks. But there are some side effects that appear after 7 to 12 months following the procedure. Another side effect is;


Within the first 6 to 12 months following therapy, tiny lumps (granulomas) under the skin are possible. These lumps may or may not be visible. The lumps might be permanent or not. Red lumps may be visible after treatment. Some lumps required surgery or corticosteroid injections for treatment. There is also a chance of infection and severe edema.

It could be the result of any allergy from the treatment. You must determine whether you are allergic to any filler ingredients before receiving therapy. The doctor will provide a very little dose of Sculptra for this purpose and see how your body responds to it. And if your body and skin respond favorably, go forward; otherwise, skip the procedure.


Sculptra Fillers in Dubai need some aftercare to avoid all types of side effects. i.e

  • Take drugs exactly as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Keep your body hydrated. Drink at least 8 to 9 glasses of water a day. 
  • Ointments only should used with caution (if any).
  • Keep the area clean and dry.
  • Use ice packs to massage the area
  • Avoid being outside at busy times and remain indoors.
  • Use the topical medications as the surgeon has instructed.
  • Meetings for review should scheduled.
  • Furthermore, follow-up sessions are also important to attend.

Get Plumped Up!

Getting fillers was once frowned upon by society. In today’s world, everyone is getting fillers to look their best. Some women tend to get fillers on their faces to help them to contour their faces, give freshness to their hands and make them look normal. The committed staff of professionals at Dynamic Clinic will make it happen for you, no matter why you desire the fillers! Our staff makes sure you have a comfortable stay and are at ease during the operation.

Both our dermatologists’ work and our treatments are well-known across the globe. They will never let you down. Fill out the form below to schedule your appointment for treatment without wasting any more of your valuable time. Hurry up and sign up today to take advantage of our Sculptra Fillers in Dubai!

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