Senior Home Care Within the Family – by Relatives and Professionals

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Family care, i.e., the care of a family member in need by their close relatives, is probably the most intensive and individual part for the elderly. Seniors usually feel that they are in the best of hands with their relatives. Unfortunately, many working people are no longer able to take care of relatives themselves and need services of home care for elderly in the villages. In these cases, moving to a supervised retirement home seems to be the best solution. However, there are alternatives that come very close to family care and allow care in your own home.

Forms of private/personal caring

If the family members are not able to look after a relative without restrictions, an outpatient service or so-called 24-hour private care can be used. While the outpatient service only makes house calls and ensures the basic needs of the person requiring care, so-called 24-hour private caring is included in the household: It is on-site around the clock, also guarantees looking after at night, and can thus provide comprehensive services.

Which form of private care is most suitable depends on the one hand on the need for care and on the other hand on the other needs of the person. Here, it should be considered in advance to what extent family care is possible and what level of additional support is required.

What does 24-hour private care do?

Private care

The private caregiver takes responsibility for the basic need as well as household chores for the senior. This includes, for example, help with the morning toilet, dressing and changing, preparing meals, cleaning and washing.

The nurse adapts to the senior’s daily routine so that nursing can be very individual and tailored to his needs. Private nurses also accompany them to appointments or leisure events, if this is desired.

By living together and interacting with one another on a daily basis, the caregiver quickly gets to know the senior, is the contact person for him, and has a permanent place in the family. Since the so-called 24-hour responsibility for the elderly is a very intensive and engaging job, the caregiver leaves the household after a few months and is represented by another person.

Ideally, these two people take turns caring for them; In this way, those in need of care and their relatives only have to get used to a few new faces; a relationship of trust is more easily established. It would help if you hire affordable home care services for your elderly.

What does the 24-hour private care cost?

Private care is a very intensive profession and needs to be paid accordingly in The Villages, Florida. Therefore, many families are looking for foreign caregivers. The US workers are very popular because their work is affordable for many due to the lower average income prevailing there and the workers usually already have a lot of care experience, some of them have formal qualifications in the nursing sector in their home countries.

An assistant from Florida costs around $1,500 per month, which in comparison is often no more expensive than a place in a nursing home. In addition, the funding can be supported by the state: Depending on the degree of services given the patient care allowance in the amount of $316 to $901. In addition, other grants and tax breaks are possible.

Home Care Service providers, such as Gaelynn, provide extensive attention at home together with selected partner companies and organize suitable caregivers for the elderly, their arrival and departure and accompany the family during the entire period. The supervisors either have their own trade license or are employed by a company in their home country and are posted to the US in accordance with law.

Caregivers On Daily Basis

Elderly care by a so-called 24-hour caregiver offers numerous advantages: It enables the senior to be looked after in his own home when the same is not possible by relatives. He is spared moving to a nursing home.

Relatives are relieved by the private caregiver and can go back to work without worries because they know that their loved ones are well looked after. Furthermore, the daily routine, household activities, and free times or days off are individually regulated with the caregiver – so the so-called 24-hour feels almost like a family service!

Find a supervisor now – 24-hour care: support services

The so-called 24-hour care is for people in need of support in their own homes. Caregivers from any part of the world, including the US, and yes, The Villages Florida, move in with those in need of housekeeping and everyday support.

Gaelynn always advises you free of charge and without obligation! Fill out our questionnaire on our website, and you will receive a call and individual quotation for caring for your loved one!


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