Signs of Sexual deficiency in men : Causes and Treatment

Sexual deficiency in men
Sexual deficiency in men

It can occur at any time during the adult age. But generally, it has been observed that males above 40 years of age are susceptible to sexual deficiencies. The common sexual deficiencies in males are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of libido, and delay in ejaculation.

Of all these deficiencies, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are common sexual deficiency and often feed each other. Both are different, but one can create conditions for the other. There are medicines in the market to overcome sexual deficiency.  But natural cure comes in the form of diet change and leaving an active lifestyle. The base of any treatment is a healthy living and balanced diet. Let us study, its causes and treatment options.

Erectile dysfunction

It is one of the components of sexual deficiency in men among 40 plus males. It involves difficulty in getting and sustaining an erection. The erection is either soft or loses the hardness within few seconds. In both cases, the male is not able to perform satisfactorily.

Erectile dysfunction sexual deficiency in men is linked with the aging process, but it is not an inevitable part of ageing. A healthy body and healthy lifestyle keeps the erection process at optimum levels at any age. However, the percentage of males with erectile dysfunction increases over 40. At least 50 percent of males over 50 years of age have some kind of erection problem.

Premature ejaculation

Another sexual deficiency in men seen in younger males more than mid aged males. It is different from erectile dysfunction. Here, the man is able to get an erection, but ejaculation happens within seconds of intercourse or before completing the session. In many cases, ejaculation happens even before the start of the intercourse .Both partners are left defected and totally dissatisfied from the experience.

Lack of libido or low desire

The base of sexual deficiency in men is lack of desire for intimacy. It occurs in males above 40 or 30 years of age. Libido ensures that a man wants to have an intimate session with the partner. This desire leads to arousal and aroused state helps a man to get an erection with physical stimulation. But without libido, there will be no desire and no erection. It disturbs the intimacy life of a male.

Delay ejaculation or backward flow of ejaculation

This is not a common sexual deficiency in men. It happens in some males, but not is not as common as other deficiencies aforementioned.

Causes of Sexual deficiency in men

Ageing, low testosterone production, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular issue, prostate problem, benign prostate enlargement, arthritis, and in some cases excess smoking, drinking and obesity creates conditions for sexual deficiency in men.

It has also been observed that uncontrolled stress, anxiety, depression and relationship issues are increasingly taking toll on the sexual health of males.

Premature ejaculation Sexual deficiency in men is more a problem of underconfidene, anxiety, stress and some emotional issues.  The excitement, uncontrolled urge and mental tension may also lead to premature ejaculation. It is not a medical or physical problem. Even without medicines, this sexual deficiency in males is cured by talk therapy.

Low libido is an age related Sexual deficiency problem in males over age of 50. But temporarily low libido can occur in younger males and in mid aged males due to some bad phase in life. Any personal or business issue creating disturbance in mind often takes away the joy or desire for intimacy.

Delayed ejaculation

Chronic health issues, side effects of medication, alcohol or drug abuse or any surgery may affect the ejaculation. Lack of desires, and energy in performing the session also can cause delay in ejaculation.

Retrograde ejaculation is a rare sexual deficiency in men. It is seen in seniors with some bladder issue, or nerve damage due to uncontrolled diabetes. Prostate or bladder neck operation is also responsible for backward flow of ejaculation or semen.

 Sexual deficiency in men : Treatment

Doctors prescribe sildenafil citrate 200mg to overcome erection related Sexual deficiency in men. This dose is often suggested when smaller doses fail to give the desired result. The natural cure to erection related sexual deficiency is consuming fruits that increase blood circulation in the body. At the basic blood circulation level, the insufficient blood flow leads to erection issues.

Healthy diet is the best natural cure for sexual deficiency in men. Pomegranate, watermelon, oranges, berries, avocado, spinach, fish, walnut, etc. create nitric oxide in the body. The nitrate in this category of food and fruits gets converted into nitric oxide in the body. The nitric oxide dilates blood vessels to move greater amounts of blood towards the pelvic area for an erection.

For erection related sexual deficiency in men, and those who do not want to use medicines, vacuum tubes are suggested. The vacuum is created inside the tubes to draws blood in for an erection. The band is put on the base of the male organ to sustain the erection for half an hour.

Inflatable rods are the last resort for seniors who fail to get any result from medicines or tubes. However, there are many complications that arise with use of rods. If something goes wrong, another surgery is done, which can create permanent damage to the male organ.

Premature ejaculation

Talk therapy to cure emotional disturbances will work in many cases of Sexual deficiency in men. The same medicines which are used for erectile issues can be used to prolong the erection capacity, but the chances of enhanced side effects are always there.

The effective treatment in many Sexual deficiency is increasing communication with the partner. Spending time in caressing, and slowing down will bring control over ejaculation.

Low libido

Diet change, exercises and leading a healthy life increases libido. Eggs, meat, beef, avocado, oyster, asparagus, Brazilian nuts, and yoga poses should be part of the healthy lifestyle. Increasing communication with the partner and spending time together will enhance intimacy, which is at the root of sexual deficiency in men with low libido.


A healthy diet and some exercises daily will cure every sexual deficiency in men without need for medication. It is entirely in your hands to expand the intimacy in life and joy its potential in relationships.

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