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otrivin nasal spray

Ultimately, each congestion-fighting product is designed to clear up congestion brought on by cold, flu or fevers. So whether it’s sprays or tablets, you can rest assured that they are both working to clear your passageways and make the recovery more bearable for you. But are there differences between the two? And is one more suitable for specific symptoms? Let’s find out. 


The most obvious difference between the two is how they are ingested. As sprays such as Otrivin Nasal Spray are applied directly into the nasal passage, its efficacy has a more immediate commencement. The average time that it takes for sprays to start clearing congestion within the sinuses is 5 to 10 minutes. The efficacy of the spray can last between 10 to 12 hours. The superiority of sprays is summed up perfectly within the Sudafed Nasal Decongestant Spray, boasting ‘fast acting spray, long lasting relief’. It has been argued, however, that for optimal effectiveness, there is a technique that needs to be employed in order to see the most results with nasal sprays. Dr. Kravchuck advises that “you never want the spray to be directed right at the nasal septum.” Instead, it is recommended to make sure that you are pointing the nasal spray toward the back of the nose. This ensures that you are correctly inhaling the medication. Although they are not addictive, it is not advisable to use the spray for more than three days in a row. Kravchuck claims that “using them longer invites building up a tolerance to the medicines”. 


This is a less direct way of treating congestion. It works by traveling through the digestive system before it enters into the bloodstream to treat the cause of the congestion. As it does not attack the symptoms directly, it takes a little longer to work than tablets, on average around 30 minutes before it starts to become effective at reducing them. Tablets also can give the user opportunity to take medication related to congestion tailored to the time of day they need it. The ingredients in the day and night tablets would differ slightly, with the nighttime version carrying ingredients that would cause drowsiness as a side effect. Eliminating them from the daytime version will prevent this sensation from occurring during the day. Tablets have an ability to be able to cover more in their medicinal approach, including relieving body aches, sore throats, itchy and watery eyes, headaches and coughs. Most brands of congestion-clearing medication will offer relief in the form of both tablets and sprays. Otrivin, however, exclusively offers products in the form of sprays, Otrivin Nasal Spray being one of their more popular. 

With some differences between sprays and tablets that might surprise you, it is important to research your options when it comes to choosing a congestion-clearing medication that is right for you. Read through the fine print carefully, and consult your doctor if you have any questions regarding the most suitable option for you. 


All of these hinge on the circumstance that either your handbag has toppled and revealed its contents, or you have accidentally turned your pockets inside out, to the same outcome. Anyone who is able to keep their belongings where they belong, proceed as normal. For the clumsier, more accident-prone among us, read on.

Tampons: Obviously, there is nothing shameful about keeping tampons on you at all times. It is, in fact, a necessity for most women. Most women will also be able to tell you of a time when accidentally revealing a tampon from their pockets or handbag was a humbling experience, to say the least, and perceivably at the most inopportune time in front of the most unideal company. Although it is not a big deal per se, there would be few people who would be completely comfortable about accidentally revealing a tampon from their supplies. A first date would definitely not be an ideal scenario for it.

Nasal spray: Although often a very necessary device to clear congestion, doing it at the dinner table sitting across from your very attractive, compelling date should be avoided at all costs. A first date is not a good time to draw attention to your nose, much less through the demonstration of putting something up it. Keep your Otrivin nasal spray at home, where you can use it either preceding or post the date. Or better yet; you’re sick. Postpone the date altogether until you’re well enough to go without your blocked sinuses getting in the way of a good time.

A change of underwear: the implications of having these fall out of your pocket or handbag could be disastrous. Here a few scenarios I can imagine running through your date’s mind in the unlikely instance that this should happen:

  1. Are they planning on sleeping over?? That’s presumptuous.
  2. Who’s are they and where has X just come from??
  3. What kind of situation does X have going for them that they cannot leave their house without bringing a pair of backup underwear?!

You see how this can be fraught with disaster.

Your Mum: really, this should go without saying. In fact any additional person should not be brought along to the date unless organised prior to it. And although your Mum would not find herself falling out of your handbag or your pocket, it still stands to reason that this gets a mention. Just in case common sense has left the building. 

A take away container: first of all: most restaurants provide them. Secondly: you are going to come across as such a cheap skate if you have anticipated taking home whatever portion of the meal you don’t eat. The difference might seem innocuous, but utilising the establishments’ take away supplies makes you come across as a far more classy person than if you come prepared with a Tupperware container from home to do the same thing. Save your pride – use theirs. 


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